Luke O’Farrell earlier today     22nd July 2007

The Yoke’s On You

Ealing, Stealing and Double-Dealing

How time flies! Back in 1998 Private Eye, Britain’s biggest satirical magazine, tickled its readers’ ribs by portraying the right-wing politician Norman Tebbitt as a member of the notoriously bigoted London cabbie community:

“Normo” Tebbs (Cab No. 876) on the multi-cultural society

I’ve got nothing against them personally. Don’t get me wrong. But if they come over here, they’ve got to learn our ways. They’ve got to assumulate... astimulate... assomol... you know, fit in. We’ve got our British culture which goes back thousands of years, football, EastEnders [a PC soap opera], Chris Evans [a disc-jockey], curry houses, Frank Bruno [a black boxer]. And they’ve got to accept it, like everyone else. (The Private Eye Annual 1998, ed. Ian Hislop, pg 14)

Geddit? Tebbitt questioned multi-culturalism, therefore he was racist, therefore he was stupid, ignorant and irrational. That logic was crystal-clear in 1998 and liberals like Jack “The Jew” Straw and “Clever” Trevor Phillips would have been first to laugh at Normo Tebbs the Half-Wit Bigot. Now the yolk’s on them and Private Eye: it’s egg-on-face time, because Straw, Phillips and many other liberals have been questioning multi-culturalism too. They’re not sincere and they’ve not apologized for the disaster they’ve created, but there’s no doubt about it: Tebbit’s ignorant and irrational bigotry has gone mainstream. And it’s only a matter of time before another of Private Eye’s old jokes backfires:

As I look into the future, I am filled with foreboding. I seem to see a river of garbage. I see myself foaming at the mouth, and two coloured men in white coats saying, “Come along, Mr Powell, it’s time for your injection.” (Op. cit., pg 42)

Enoch Powell died in 1998 and that was Private Eye’s parody of his “Rivers of Blood” speech. The parody was illustrated with a picture of Powell as the fictional racist Alf Garnett, reincarnated in the US as Archie Bunker. Ridicule is an excellent way of policing thought, because people are scared of being laughed at. It reduces their status and pushes them to the margins, and isn’t that exactly where racists deserve to be? Johnny Speight and Norman Lear, who created Garnett and Bunker, and Warren Mitchell and Carroll O’Connor, who played them, certainly thought so. Mitchell and Lear are definitely Jewish and Speight may have been too. Either way, he and the others were staunch socialists creating propaganda for their vision of a shining future world: racially mixed, socially harmonious, with racism and bigotry long since laughed out of existence.

Jew Warren Mitchell playing the white ‘bigot’ Alf Garnett Irish-American Carroll O’Connor playing the white ‘bigot’ Archie Bunker

Repeat after us, sheeple: “Bigotry is baa– baa– baad!”
Risible racists Alf Garnett (UK) and Archie Bunker (US)

Humor can be used to expose the truth or to conceal it. Speight, Mitchell, Lear and O’Connor concealed the truth, because the more racially mixed Britain and America have become, the less socially harmonious they’ve become too. But wasn’t that completely inevitable? Enoch Powell said it was and was mocked for the rest of his life. The comedic quadrumvirate said it wasn’t and were honored for the rest of their lives. Right is wrong and wrong is right, in other words. Still, let’s give mass immigration its due: it certainly provides a lot of entertainment. Living in modern Britain is like watching a first-class farce aboard the Titanic as the iceberg gets closer and closer. Last month we had the spectacle of a Jordanian brain surgeon unable to detonate a simple car-bomb; this month we’ve been able to enjoy the antics of Asian politicians in the London district of Southall – or “Sout’all”, as many of its inhabitants know it best. First of all, five Asian councillors defected from Labour to the Conservatives. That was farcical enough for white British tastes, but you’ve got to remember that Asians like their food heavily spiced. So one of them popped up to analyze the defection like this:

This is brilliant news for the Labour party not the Conservatives. Labour lose an extremely divisive and factional councillor who had paralysed the local party and made grand claims about having thousands of votes in the bag (councillors in Southall are near universally hated for their incompetence on almost all issues). The Tories have apparently lured him with promises of a seat in a different constituency, which is not only likely to immensely annoy the grassroots but brings in a factional, power-hungry operator who is neither young and fresh nor a long-standing Tory. Labour need to flush out all their lame candidates from the area and this could be a brilliant development. (Pickled Politics, 9th July, 2007)

Divisive? Factional? Incompetent? If a white spoke the truth about Asian politicians like that, he’d probably be prosecuted under the hate laws. But Asians weren’t satisfied with just the mass defection and the claim that it was “brilliant news” for the defectors’ old party. Nope, there was more farce on the way:

Tony Lit and his wife with Labour leader Tony Blair

Before: Blair’s Buddy!

For Tony Blair’s farewell dinner with the Asian community, no expense was spared. The guests in London were treated to the best of Indian cuisine, with traditional Asian dancers on stage, followed by music from the Drifters, a tribute band singing the Sixties melodies of the original group. In this celebration of diversity, the guests hailed from many different ethnic backgrounds. Cherie Blair worked the room, shaking hands with old friends, talking about how much her husband had done in the previous decade to encourage a more multicultural Britain.

But underneath the gloss, this was also a serious fundraising event for the Labour party. Sitting at one of the tables was Tony Lit, accompanied by his wife Mandy and his father Avtar, pillars of the Sikh community and the wealthy owners of Sunrise Radio, the largest Asian station in Britain. The seats had cost their company £4,800 [$9,600] with the cheque going into party coffers. After the dinner there was a fund-raising auction, and Avtar Lit successfully bid another £4,000 for a weekend trip to Atlanta, the highlight of which was two seats at a dinner with Hillary Clinton.

All of this would seem perfectly normal were it not for the fact that seven days later, Tony Lit, a handsome young businessman, was selected to be the Tory candidate for the Ealing Southall by-election this Thursday. The news of Lit’s support for Labour came as a very unpleasant shock last night to David Cameron, who has pinned a lot of hope on the prospect that his star candidate will deliver a blow to Gordon Brown by winning the contest. Last night a photo taken at the dinner on 20 June was released by Labour to inflict maximum damage on the Conservatives just four days before polling day. It shows a beaming, dinner-jacketed Lit with his wife and a smartly attired Blair. A picture of the incriminating cheque was also released. (The Observer, 15th July 2007)

Tony Lit with Conservative leader David Cameron

After: True Blue!

If a group of evil white racists – and what other kind is there? – had sat down to write a script for the Ealing Southall by-election, they could hardly have come up with anything better designed to reinforce wicked racist stereotypes about Asian communalism and dishonesty. And how would the script by those evil white racists have ended? With the Conservatives, having chased the Asian vote so frantically, crashing to a humiliating defeat. That’s exactly what happened: the Tories came third in Southall, with 22% of the vote. Then again, maybe they hadn’t sufficiently polished those essential skills of ethnic electioneering: postal fraud, ballot-stuffing, fake identities and so on. Asians have enriched Britain with all the corruption and cronyism of their homelands:

Cynics rule in Southall: News of Tony Lit’s gift to Labour will only reinforce Asian voters’ distrust of politicians

On the Asian subcontinent, people have little faith in rich businessmen and politicians because corruption and opportunism are so widespread. That scepticism seeps into their children, and can only be reinforced by the revelations about Lit. But a weary disdain for politicians was already becoming entrenched in Asians in west London following a string of councillor defections to different parties this month. It is a pity that a proper debate about Southall has been stifled by petty politics. Piara Khabra, whose death last month left the vacancy, was a pioneer when he entered politics during the race wars of 1980s. But the public today is fed up with the lack of positive change in the constituency. Southall should be promoted as a tourist destination – the food and shops are miles better than those in Brick Lane [another highly corrupt ethnic enclave in London]. Instead, an area that was the birthplace of many entrepreneurs is now an over-crowded town ridden with petty crime and the scars of bad management. (The Guardian, 16th July 2007)

Thus mused the “British” Asian Hamant Verma, before going on to address a serious “race problem.” What problem might that be? The corruption and incompetence of Asian politicians, which breeds cynicism and disdain among Asian voters? Of course not! If there’s a race problem, it must be Whitey’s fault:

No number of cheerful invocations of “inclusivity” will repair the Conservatives’ race problem. As David Cameron discovered when he braved the streets of Southall, his party’s Asian representation – it has just one Asian-origin MP, Shailesh Vara – is woefully unacceptable to British Asians.

Let’s interrogate some issues around Verma’s analysis of issues around the Southall election:

1) Asian voters are cynical about politics because of the antics of Asian politicians.

2) Asian voters also think it’s “woefully unacceptable” that there aren’t more of these cynicism-breeding Asian politicians representing them.

3) David Cameron, über-ethnophile Tory leader, parachutes in an Asian candidate to address this woeful under-representation.

4) The candidate’s antics promptly breed more cynicism.

Anyone who’s not laughing must be a liberal. Liberals can swallow a dozen farcical contradictions like that before breakfast, and still have room for a heaped plate of narcissism and two or three big glasses of smug self-righteousness. Truth is not a liberal preoccupation. Nor is justice. Whether they’re white or non-white, liberals are interested only in one thing: themselves. Their pretended objects of concern are just pawns in their egocentric game of self-advancement. The similarity between white and non-white liberals is that both are advancing at the expense of whites as a whole; the difference is that non-white liberals are sitting trunk-side of the branch they’re all sawing off. Non-whites don’t stay liberal when they get power, as the French writer Louis Veuillot pointed out long ago:

«Quand je suis le plus faible, je vous demande ma liberté, au nom de vos principes; mais quand je suis le plus fort, je vous refuse votre liberté, au nom de mes principes.»

“When I am the weaker, I ask you for my freedom, because that is your principle; but when I am the stronger, I take away your freedom, because that is my principle.”

It’s rare that stereotypes don’t bear any relation at all to reality: either they reflect the truth or they stand the truth on its head. The stereotype about blacks is that they’re stupid, violent and sex-crazed. That reflects the truth. The stereotype about Asians and Jews is that they’re devious, corrupt and money-grubbing. Truth again. The stereotype about whites is that they’re the most bigoted and racist group on earth. That stands the truth on its head: in fact, we’re the least bigoted and racist group on earth. Non-whites wouldn’t be in our societies to complain about racism and oppression otherwise: they’d be excluded the way aliens are excluded by Indians or Chinese from their societies. Whites are the most susceptible of all groups to lying propaganda about universal brotherhood and equality for all, but what non-whites really think about “equality” is easy to see:

There are certainly very serious questions to be asked about the manning, mission and effectiveness of the Border and Immigration Agency of the Home Office, previously the Immigration and Nationality Directorate. It says its role is “securing our borders, enforcing our immigration laws and managing migration to the benefit of the UK.” Its catastrophic failure to perform these functions correctly is plain for all to see. When I said to a previous Home Secretary that the controls at our ports of entry were “beacons of political correctness”, he replied that I had made a demeaning remark. I therefore asked the Home Office what proportion of its staff in the various immigration, identity and passport services were from ethnic minorities.

Given that ethnic minorities are estimated to form about 6.7% of our total population of working age, I was alarmed to receive the reply that, of those staff whose ethnicity was recorded, 29% of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate, 30% of the Immigration Service and 14% of the Identity and Passport Service were from ethnic minorities. While it is only right and proper that all law-abiding bona fide citizens, regardless of ethnicity, should have equal opportunities, the manning of our front-line immigration services is curiously disproportionate. It does not promote confidence in the agencies responsible for the control of our borders and therefore the security and integrity of our nation. (The Daily Telegraph letters page, 6th July 2007)

Again, if you’re not laughing, you must be a liberal. When non-whites or some other wing of the liberal army is under-represented somewhere in public life, shrieks of outrage and horror ring out. It’s proof positive of discrimination, of “institutional” racism, of sexism, homophobia or some other aspect of that all-pervading white heterosexual male bigotry and prejudice. But when non-whites are over-represented, there’s no problem at all. Corruption, criminality and incompetence inevitably rise, but anyone who points this out is promoting hate. It’s hateful to criticize non-whites and praise whites, to object to the destruction of white nations, to say we should end and reverse mass immigration. Hateful, hateful, hateful! And when you ask why it’s hateful, the answer comes back loud and clear: because Jews say so. The race hate laws in Britain, Europe, Canada and Australasia, the steady, stealthy dismantlement of the First Amendment in the US: they can all be traced back to one tiny group that is hugely over-represented at the highest levels of media, government and financial crime.

‘Lord’ Levy laughing
‘Lord’ Levy laughing ‘Lord’ Levy laughing

“Sleazy does it! The yoke’s on you, goys!”
Mike Levy laughs at gentile justice

“Lord” Levy, Tony Blair’s former “Middle East envoy”, wraps the three up in one sleazy bundle using the Israeli flag. He’s a former record magnate who networked with Jewish businessmen to fund Bliar’s political success and create the Jew-friendly policies Bliar unwaveringly followed during his decade in power. Now Gordon Brown has replaced Bliar and a new eminence juive is pulling the strings: “Sir” Ronald Cohen. How did Levy and Cohen get their titles? By buying them, of course. Levy then turned salesman and raised £14m ($24m) for Labour’s election campaign in 2005. That’s why we got the “Cash for Honours” scandal, during which Levy was arrested twice and Bliar questioned three times. But Levy’s “community” got very agitated at the thought of the “most dynamic Jew in Anglo-Jewry” sitting in the dock and, as I described in “Goys in the Attic”, issued all manner of noisy complaints and blackmail threats. Their efforts have paid off: the Crown Prosecution Service has decided that there is “insufficient evidence” to charge Levy. The look on Levy’s face as he welcomed the news is a metaphor for the state of modern Britain. Jews are winning and grinning, and whites will keep losing till we stop snoozing and wake up to the truth. When your future is being stolen all around you, collaborating with the gangsters is a big mistake.


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