Luke O’Farrell earlier today     24th September 2006

Free to Obey

Our Days of Whine and Noses

Ice and fire. Red wine and fish. Jews and free speech. You can have one or the other but you can’t have both. One excellent example of how Jews work to destroy free speech is the “community leader” Michael Whine, who initiated prosecution of the Heretical Hezbollah for their thought-crimes. Can you imagine a better name for a Jew? It perfectly summarizes their way of life: “God’s Chosen kvetch, the goyim fetch.” But Mike the Kike, head of a private Jewish militia known as the Community Security Trust, had something extra to whine about recently. He’d been busy helping to prepare the “All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Anti-Semitism” and everything – the sack-cloth and ashes, the violins, the onions – was ready for its triumphant unveiling on 7th September. And what happened? The report was overshadowed by the struggle for power between (in the Jews’ corner) Tony Blair and (also in the Jews’ corner) Gordon Brown.

Ach, the best-laid plans of mice and menschen. Still, Mike and his fellow whiners could have helped by reining in their innate Jewish tendency to yap. The full report, written by well-trained shabbas-goyim but based on Jewish “evidence”, runs to sixty-six pages but it could easily have been cut to this:

1. Oy veh, how ve are sufferink!
2. Ve zerefore recommend zat, in order to make us feel safer, Britain is turned even faster into a police state.
3. And giff us more money.

P.S. Did ve mention how ve are sufferink?

Michael Whine

“You gotta lose a freedom or two, goys...”
Mike “The Kike” Whine contemplates Britain’s future.

But when you examine the report for details of what Britain’s Jews have been enduring from their enemies, what do you find? The journalist Nick Cohen received a lot of “anti-Semitic emails” when he criticized a march against the Iraq war. Another journalist, Stephen Pollard, is still deeply offended by a comment in 2003 from the former Labour MP Tam Dalyell, who described Tony Blair as “being unduly influenced by a cabal of Jewish advisers.” The professional ethnic Oona King lost an election after rumors that she was planning to ban halal meat. And up in Manchester a shadowy far-right group has been circulating leaflets protesting against the relocation of a Jewish primary school.

Got that? Okay, compare it with a small sample of what another ethnic group in Britain have been enduring from their enemies:

Abducted, stabbed and set on fire for being white

Kriss Donald, unworthy victim of racist murder

Kriss Donald was the victim of a revenge attack stemming from an incident when a person – X, whose name cannot be revealed for legal reasons – was attacked with a bottle in a Glasgow nightclub. The attacker, a white youth, belonged to a gang called the McCulloch Street Team. Swearing revenge and threatening to “cut up the culprit and take his eyes out”, X, the High Court in Glasgow heard, got together a five-strong armed gang to prowl the streets in a stolen Mercedes looking for him, or someone who knew his identity. Kriss Donald, 15, was last seen alive as he was bundled into the Mercedes near his home in McCulloch Street, Pollokshields. He had been heading out to play computer games, and fitted X’s bill for no other reason than he was white and lived in McCulloch Street.

The next day Kriss’s body, naked except for the charred remnants of his underpants, a sock, and a training shoe, was found on the Clyde Walkway at Parkhead, in the east end of Glasgow. In a crime which shocked the country, he had been beaten, stabbed repeatedly and set alight with petrol while still alive. During eight days of sometimes harrowing evidence the jury heard that [the gang] set out to find the youth who had carried out the bottle attack the night before. When Kriss and his friend, Jamie, were spotted, X told the others, “They’ll do”, and ordered the car to be stopped. X and the others jumped out and, as Jamie tried to defend himself and at the same time distract the attackers from his friend, Kriss was punched and kicked and bundled into the car. He was heard to plead with his captors: “Why me? I’m only 15.” (The Scotsman, 19th November 2004)

Jamaican Gang That Used Rape As Its Initiation

Immigration chiefs faced fury last night for allowing a member of a sordid Jamaican rape gang to make South London his hunting ground. Sheldon Stewart, 26, was said to be part of the Buckles mob – a violent criminal outfit responsible for a spree of vile attacks in the Caribbean. Their hallmark is said to be a sickening initiation ceremony where new recruits are instructed to abduct and rape. Inner London Crown Court heard how Stewart attacked a 15-year-old girl at gunpoint and dragged another woman into his flat in Peak Hill, Sydenham, after calling her a “white bitch”. He and the scar-faced friend threatened to “burst” or shoot the first victim on November 25, 2004, if she didn’t submit to their sordid demands. The girl had been lured into Stewart’s car on the promise of cannabis and a lift. Instead, both men took turns to rape her as a gun was held to her head.

Stewart targeted a second victim on December 30, 2004, first trying to chat her up, then bundling her into a car on the Tulse Hill Estate. He called the 25-year-old a “white bitch” and drove her back to the Sydenham flat, where the accomplice was again waiting to pounce. Stewart held a 7” knife to the sobbing woman’s throat, but she kept calm and fooled the pair into letting her go to the toilet from where she fled. Judge Lindsay Burn described Stewart’s indifference towards his crimes as “extraordinary.” Sentencing the killer to eleven years for the sex attacks and a further year for witness intimidation, the judge added: “It’s evident to me that you thought you could behave towards women in this way and get away with it. There was no remorse whatsoever expressed by you for what you have done.” (icSouthLondon, 18th April 2006)

Machete Mob in Race Hate Attack

A man whose head was sliced open with a machete by a racist mob as he tried to protect two young women has been left paralysed down one side. Tower Hamlets police say the gang attack is being treated as racially motivated. John Payne and two friends were viciously set upon by a gang of Asian youths wielding machetes and metal bars in Stepney on April 8. At around 11.30 pm that night, John was walking two young female friends home after an evening out. The trouble started when John, friends Sarah O’Leary and Jenny Curran, and Jenny’s brother Denny turned into the car park of Dagobert House, off Jamaica Street.

A gang of between six and nine Asian youths were waiting in the car park. They shouted racist insults at John and his friends, who told them to be quiet. They were then set upon by the gang, which swelled to a mob of 20 as other Asian youths rushed to join in the beating. Despite John and Denny’s attempts to protect her, Jenny was repeatedly punched and kicked, and struck on the head with a metal pole. Denny and John were both hacked around the head with machetes, leaving John with a deep wound. John was taken to intensive care at the Royal London Hospital. He is now paralysed down one side of his body, and has slurred speech and memory loss. He has regained some movement, but it is still uncertain whether he will be able to work again. (East London Advertiser, 3rd May 2006)

Injured cyclist slams court

Cyclist Andrew Williams said he was deliberately mown down, chased and viciously beaten with a wheel brace after asking a motorist to be careful on the icy road. The 49-year-old had head injuries, a ripped thigh muscle and damaged groin and his cycle was mangled in the attack. He was forced to take two months off work and had counselling for post-traumatic stress. Months after the attack he wakes up sweating and has nightmares over his ordeal. The regeneration worker attacked British justice as “soft” after his attacker Hamza Hussain received a non-custodial sentence at Sheffield Crown Court.

Mr Williams was riding his bike on a sunny but freezing day when Hussain nearly knocked him off. “I got alongside him, tapped on his window and said politely ‘Just be careful’ because of the road conditions,” said Mr Williams. “The next thing, I heard his engine revving hard and wheels screeching. He drove intentionally at me, sending me flying. Then he chased me down the road with an iron bar and hit me over the head. The next thing a gang of about five Asian lads came at me. I was desperate for help and was shouting. There were dozens of other drivers and workers everywhere but everyone was too shocked or scared to help. I ran off into a nearby school yard but the mob started kicking and punching me, shouting ‘Kill the white bastard’. If I had gone down I think that would have been it.” (Sheffield Today, 2nd May 2006)

Schoolgirl stabbed pupil in eye, court hears

A teenage girl stabbed a fellow pupil in the eye with a pair of scissors after taunting her about her long hair, a court heard today. After stabbing her several times in the eye, head and back the teenager’s tormentor walked away leaving the girl lying in a pool of blood. The victim of the attack was taken to hospital where she required surgery to repair the cut on her eyelid, which penetrated deep enough to bruise the eyeball. She also needed stitching to the deep cuts on her back and doctors said that had the wound in her eye been just millimetres nearer the centre then she would have lost her sight.

As the attacker walked away her two co-defendants were seen picking up the scissors and later throwing them over the boundary fence of the school playing field, the jury was told. Her two co-defendants, aged 14 and 15 at the time of the attack, are both charged with perverting the course of justice by hiding the scissors used in the attack. The girl charged with the stabbing told police that it was in fact the victim who had started the fight. She said that the stabbed girl had called her a “dirty, black bitch and a little nigger” and grabbed her by the hair. (The Guardian, 29th August 2006)

There, for once, you can see the usual veil of secrecy about non-white crime parting to reveal the truth. The race of this vicious black bully, no doubt jealous of her White victim’s much greater intelligence and good looks too, would normally have been kept quiet by the Jews-media. But the bully has outed herself by trying to play the race card. Blacks may be violent and stupid but they certainly understand how useful a cry of “It beez racism!” can be. After all, Britain has been inciting them to racial hatred of Whites for decades with “anti-racism” and the race-laws, which foster grievance, hostility and a deep sense of victimhood and entitlement. You can see some of the results above. Whites are under serious and growing threat from non-whites, suffering a non-stop stream of murders, rapes and beatings. But official propaganda, with breathtaking chutzpah, pretends exactly the opposite:

MI5 act to smash race gangs

Secret service teams up with Yard to combat Far Right thugs

Scotland Yard and MI5 are planning a huge covert operation to break up violent racist organisations. The Express has learned that Intelligence officers will infiltrate Far Right groups such as the British National Party. Other officers will tap telephones, open mail, and scrutinise bank accounts and medical records. “We plan to close down these organisations by using every administrative device available to us,” said a Yard source. “These may include tax and VAT details, local authority planning infringements and breaches of charity regulations. You must remember that Al Capone was brought down by the American Inland Revenue – not the FBI. At the end of the day we will know everything about the people in these groups, more than they know themselves.” (The Daily Express, 8th February 1999)

The plain truth is that we can have safety, free speech and freedom from state intrusion or we can have a racially mixed society overseen by Jews. We cannot have both and if you want a glimpse of what Jews have planned for us in future, take a look at something else in that report on anti-Semitism:

The report proposes that it be made an offence to download material from the internet that could incite racial or religious hatred. (The Times, 7th September 2006)

Of course, lots of liberals and Jews will object vehemently to part of that: the bit about religious hatred. “There’s a fundamental difference between race and religion!” they will cry sternly. “You can’t choose your race and criticism of race is an attack on our common humanity, while criticism of religion and culture is an essential freedom in a secular democracy.” What most of them mean is that they want to be free to attack Islam while making sure Whites remain gagged about race. Those deluded liberals who are actually sincere in drawing the distinction forget this very simple but very important political truth:

When you allow the state to take away any of your freedom, you make it easier for the state to take away more of your freedom. And the more it takes, the more it wants.

British race-laws have been progressively harshened since they were first introduced under Jewish direction in the 1960s and their pernicious existence now makes it much easier for laws against incitement to religious hatred to be introduced. Britain’s minorities have been trained to expect “protection” from hurtful criticism and “offense” on ground of their race, so it’s perfectly logical that they demand we take the next step and “protect” them on the ground of their religion too.

And guess who’s supporting them in their campaign?

Submission from the Board of Deputies of British Jews

The Board of Deputies of British Jews welcomes the opportunity to make this submission to the Select Committee on Religious Offences. The Board is the representative body and voice of the British Jewish community. It was founded in 1760. The Jewish community is covered by the provisions of the Race Relations Acts. The Board is generally satisfied with the format of the current legislation following the amendments to Part 3 of the Public Order Act in the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001. The Malicious Communications Act 1998 and its subsequent amendment offer further protection. Together these have removed the legal and linguistic barriers which previously had hampered prosecutions.

The UK is now faced with a growth in inter-religious friction, sparked in large measure by conflict in the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. This has led to the dissemination of propaganda deliberately attacking Jews qua Jews by Muslims. The Sikh and Hindu communities have similarly been targeted. We are in touch with representative bodies within these communities and can provide examples of such incitement. The Board of Deputies welcomes the proposal to introduce new laws to combat incitement to religious hatred, but notes that this must be matched by the political will to prosecute offenders. Otherwise any new powers risk becoming as ineffective as the existing laws against incitement to racial hatred.

Everything is not enough for Jews. They want more and more people sent to prison for expressing opinions they disagree with and they won’t be satisfied until Britain has become like one of the police states run under Jew-invented, Jew-imposed, Jew-financed communism. You can see in that self-important “submission” how mass immigration, fully supported by Jews, has introduced foreign conflicts to Britain that Jews are now exploiting to take more freedom away from Whites.

But you can also see how that Jewish lust for power and control can sometimes harm their own all-important interests. If Britain introduces laws against incitement to religious hatred, they will be exploited and corrupted by Muslims, who have never been great fans of the Jews. After all, you can’t expect one gang of greedy, self-obsessed, White-hating crooks to take kindly to another. But Muslims have been happy to learn from Jews all the same. They’ve watched Jews exploit “anti-Semitism” with great success and are now imitating them with “Islamophobia.” They’ve also watched Jews employ moral blackmail with great success and are imitating them there too:

Threat of up to two million Muslim terrorists, warns community leader

Britain will face have to deal with up to two million Islamic terrorists unless there is an end to “demonising” of Muslims, the leader of the most influential Muslim organisation has said. Treating all Muslims as if they were terrorists will encourage large numbers to become terrorists, Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari said. The warning from the chief of the Muslim Council of Britain – the grouping that Tony Blair’s Government has considered the leading voice for Muslims – came amid rising tensions over the increasingly suspicious attitude to Muslims in the rest of society.

Dr Bari declared: “Some police officers and sections of the media are demonising Muslims, treating them as if they are all terrorists, and that encourages other people to do the same. If that demonisation continues, then Britain will have to deal with two million Muslim terrorists, 700,000 of them in London. If you attack a whole community, it becomes despondent and aggressive,” he added. By suggesting that a majority of British Muslims may be prepared to support or engage in terrorism the Muslim Council chief may undermine figures who have tried to ward off attacks on Muslims. His view appears in particular to mock Scotland Yard Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick, who declared after the 7 July bombings last year that “Islamic and terrorist are two words that do not go together.” (The Daily Mail, 11th September 2006)

And I wonder where Muslims got the idea that terrorism works?

The Bombing of the King David Hotel

The King David Hotel after the bombing

On the morning of the 22nd of July 1946 a party of between 15 and 20 Jews, dressed as Arabs entered the King David Hotel. The hotel housed the Secretariat of the Government of Palestine and Headquarters of the British Forces in Palestine and Transjordan. The Jews pretended to be an Arab working-party. Having unloaded from their lorry several milk churns filled with 225 kilograms of explosive, they placed them in the basement of the wing of the hotel occupied by the Secretariat.

A British officer standing nearby, one Major Mackintosh, became suspicious of this group of Arabs and began to ask questions, but was suddenly gunned down by a member of the Jewish gang and subsequently died. A policeman stationed at the tradesman’s entrance suffered a similar fate when he challenged the Jewish terrorists. Both victims were unarmed. A gun battle soon began between the terrorist and guards during which time the Jews ignited the fuse and bolted from the building as the alarm was given. As they ran several were shot and wounded by guards, but most managed to make good their escape. There was no time to evacuate the building and the charge exploded with devastating effect. Many were killed instantly as the whole wing of the building collapsed about them, others were trapped and many more injured.

Rescue work started straight way as soldiers and police began to pull away the rubble in the hope of finding survivors. Members of the Royal Engineers were hurried to the scene with heavy lifting equipment, but they had difficulty reaching the King David Hotel because of Jewish road blocks. The Royal Engineers were stoned and booed as they tried to make their way to the scene of the bombing. Owing to the danger of falling masonry and further subsidence the use of mechanical equipment had to be very limited, until it was considered that no-one remained alive beneath the debris. Soon all hope of finding anyone alive faded and the operation to recover the bodies began. Ninety-one bodies were recovered in the following week. (

Ah, happy days, which the ever-shameless Jews were commemorating only this year:

British anger at terror celebration

As Israel wages war against Hezbollah “terrorists” in Lebanon, Britain has protested about the celebration by right-wing Israelis of a Jewish “act of terrorism” against British rule 60 years ago this week. The rightwingers, including Binyamin Netanyahu, the former Prime Minister, are commemorating the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, the headquarters of British rule, that killed 92 people and helped to drive the British from Palestine. They have erected a plaque outside the restored building, and are holding a two-day seminar with speeches and a tour of the hotel by one of the Jewish resistance fighters involved in the attack.

Decades later, veterans [of the attack] are unrepentant. Sarah Agassi, 80, remembers spying in the King David Hotel. She and a fellow agent posed as a couple. They danced tangos and waltzes, sipped whisky and wine while they cased out the hotel. On the day her brother and his fellow fighters posed as Arabs delivering milk and brought seven milk churns, each containing 50kg of explosives, into the building. Ms Agassi waited across the street until her brother rushed out. She said that she then made the warning call to the British command in the hotel. Sitting in the luxurious hotel lobby, she expressed no regret. “We fought for our independence. We thought it was the right way ... If I had to fight for Israel, I swear even now I would do anything.“ (The Sunday Times, 20th July 2006)

Terrorist leader Menachem Begin

From murderous terrorist to Israeli Prime Minister:
Sinister Sheeney Menachem Begin

One of Irgun’s leaders was the very sinister and ugly Menachem Begin, later the Prime Minister of Israel. Everything that Britain’s Muslims are doing to Whites they’ve seen Jews do to us beforehand, which is why our Muslim problem is really a symptom of our much more serious Jewish problem. Jews and Jew-deluded white liberals let Muslims flood in, encouraged them to stay separate, and taught them that they were being oppressed by White racism. Then Jews and Jew-owned politicians like Tony Blair sent Britain into a disastrous war for Israel in Iraq. The inevitable result was seen on 7/7, when four brown-skinned “British lads” committed mass murder in London. Now our traitorous politicians are trying to appease Muslim anger by taking yet more freedom away from Whites. Once again, Whites will suffer because a minority we never wanted or asked for is causing trouble in our homeland. Diversity is not our strength but our strangulation, and it was Jews who tied the rope around our necks, handed it over to non-whites and then stood back to enjoy the show.


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