Luke O’Farrell earlier today     5th March 2006

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Singing Dem Ole Eternal Victim Blues

There are fools, damned fools and Judenfreunden – Jew-friends. It’s understandable that Jews themselves should pretend that they have no power and influence at all and never – but never – use the power and influence they don’t have for their own ends. What’s not understandable is that so many Gentiles should accept what Jews say. One of these deluded goys recently visited David Irving in Austria:

Irving’s paranoid world is full of conspiracy, plot and intrigue. He believes that he is a target for Jewish groups everywhere. (The Sunday Times, 26th February 2006)

The Jew Gerry “Gimme the Money” Gable of the “anti-fascist” magazine Searchlight was fined for impersonating an official and burgling Irving’s flat in London in 1963. Irving has been spied on and harassed ever since by Jewish groups like the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Anti-Defamation League. He has been banned from country after country for transgressing unjust laws created by Jewish politicians and lawyers. He is now serving three years in prison for raising doubts about the official history of the Holocaust. But when he suggests that Jews have it in for him, he’s “paranoid.”

If Jews were as smart as they’re supposed to be, they’d be giving Irving a medal rather than celebrating the final success of their long campaign against him. This is because he’s raised a question they should consider much more: the question of “Vhy us?” When a British neo-con like Melanie Phillips of The Daily Mail starts weeping and wailing for the thousandth time about the “unique demonization” of Israel and the Jews, she really ought to stop for a moment and face Irving’s question. “Why have we been hated for so many centuries by so many people?”

If Mel answered the question honestly – on the day Hell hosts the first All-Black Winter Olympics, perhaps – she’d acknowledge that Jewish double standards are one big cause of anti-Semitism. She’d also acknowledge that she’s a fine example of them herself. Here’s her summary of l’affaire Livingstone, in which the mayor of London compared a Jewish reporter to a “concentration camp guard”:

Jews objected to an offensive remark which was hugely compounded by the fact that [Ken] Livingstone failed to apologise. This was the most important point because it destroyed any hope that the remark had been a slip and institutionalised it as a deliberate intention to offend Jewish people – the reason the Standards Board found that he had brought the office of Mayor of London into disrepute. (, 27th February 2006)

When Jews demand an apology for being offended, y’see, they better get an apology – or else. But wind the clock back three years and here’s Mel delivering a stern lecture on “victim culture”:

It is now becoming a crime, it appears, to express politically incorrect views in public. The Bishop of Chester, Dr Peter Forster, who suggested that gays might seek psychiatric help to “reorientate” themselves, is apparently to be interviewed by the police. This is yet another appalling piece of evidence that Britain’s victim culture is spinning out of control. I have no idea whether the Bishop is talking rubbish or not. I accept that his comments are offensive to many gay people. But so what? People give offence all the time, to all kinds of different people. Are they all to be criminalised? The idea that offensiveness inevitably creates hatred, and hatred inevitably creates violence or discrimination, is false. Down this road lies the burning of books.

Victim culture has nothing whatsoever to do with producing a more tolerant, free and equal society. It is about the abuse of power by people who clothe themselves in the mantle of victims in order to force others to toe their line. The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement has supported this witch-hunt against the Bishop. They show by this that for them, tolerance and liberty are a one-way ticket, permissible only if it suits their utterly illiberal agenda. (10th November 2003)

Why do people hate Jews? Because they’re hypocrites who have one rule for themselves and another rule for everyone else. Because they cause trouble everywhere they go, then turn around and shriek: “It vos zem! Ve never done nussing!” Because they’re chiefly responsible, through their lies about race and promotion of mass immigration, for the disasters that now loom throughout the Western world.

I say “chiefly responsible” because there’s no doubt that some Whites are to blame too. Jews have found it easy to recruit white race-traitors and in fact Ken Livingstone is one of them. Part of the anger Jews feel about him must be that he’s a Jewish puppet who’s escaped Jewish control. As I pointed out in my last column, Jews were the ones who spun Joseph McCarthy as a monster of injustice and paranoia. Now Livingstone has turned their own propaganda back on them:

Ken Livingstone, who was suspended as mayor of London after comparing a Jewish newspaper reporter to a Nazi concentration camp guard, yesterday accused leading Jews of pursuing a policy of “McCarthyism updated for a new age.” He said that the Board of Deputies of British Jews had previously asked him to “tone down” his views on the Israeli government before last February’s incident. “For decades the charge of anti-Semitism has been used to try to suppress any meaningful debate about the policies of the Israeli government,” Mr Livingstone said. “Londoners who may have seen George Clooney’s recent film Goodnight And Good Luck will recognise the tactic of McCarthyism updated for a new age.” Jon Benjamin, the chief executive of the Board of Deputies, described the mayor’s claims as “pure fantasy.” (The Daily Telegraph, 1st March 2006)

Benjamin is right: comparing McCarthyism to Jewish behavior is ludicrous, because Joseph McCarthy’s accusations were both just and accurate. Since the opening of Soviet archives historians have discovered that many of his targets were exactly what he said they were: Stalinist agents busily betraying America’s secrets to a mass-murdering tyrant. A vastly disproportionate number of them were Jews, like the spymaster Nathan Silvermaster and his team: Adler, Gold, Kaplan, Silverman, Steinman, Ullman et al. You can see how far Jews have corrupted America since then by looking at the page devoted to Silvermaster at the FBI’s website:

Nathan Silvermaster Group

In a major espionage investigation spanning the years 1945 through 1959, Silvermaster was alleged to be the leader of Soviet spy ring which supposedly had 27 individuals gathering information from at least six Federal agencies. However, none of the subjects were indicted by the Grand Jury. (F.B.I. page)

Patrick Oliphant cartoon about Israeli gratitude to the US

Welcome to the Jewnited States! The FBI are now trying to pretend that twentieth-century America didn’t have Jewish traitors working for the Soviet Union. That helps with the lie that twenty-first-century America doesn’t have Jewish traitors working for Israel. And okay: it would be unjust to accuse many “American” Jews of dual loyalty any more. They have only one loyalty nowadays: to Israel. Organizations like AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) are designed to ensure that this loyalty is put to good use. The truth is that Israel spies on the United States through Jewish traitors in Washington, steals military secrets for its own ends and siphons off huge sums of money through Jewish mega-fraudsters like Jack Abramoff. But when anyone points out the truth, the wailing starts: “Anti-Semitism! You’re picking on us poor, poor Jews again! Oy vey, how ve haff zuffered!”

Far too many goys believe them. They’re behaving like a man who straps raw steaks to himself, then sets off for a stroll through the lions’ enclosure at the zoo five minutes before feeding-time. Anti-Semitism exists for a reason: because Jews are obnoxious people who rob, exploit and destroy their non-Jewish neighbors. Anti-Semitism is as natural and healthy as breathing. That’s why the West has been turning blue for the past sixty years.


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