Luke O’Farrell earlier today     16th July 2006

Spiv and Let Die

Kikocracy is Kakocracy

He was described as “undoubtedly the notional head of British Jewry” by the Jerusalem Post. He was arrested by the British police on Wednesday. He is Michael Abraham Levy, aka “Lord Cashpoint”, one of the sleaziest of the many sleazy Jews swarming around the open sewer that is modern British politics. Levy has been selling honours in the long tradition of the Jewish spiv: a fast-talking conman who makes his money from trash. It’s been possible to see the present scandal coming for over a decade:

Levy’s importance to Blair can hardly be overstressed. The two first met at a dinner party in 1994, given by senior Israeli diplomat Gideon Meir, and Levy soon became the politician’s tennis partner. After financially backing Blair’s leadership bid from his own pocket, the following year he was entrusted with setting up the so-called Labour Leader’s Office Fund blind trust to finance the Leader of the Opposition’s private office. Although not a trustee, Levy had the job of bagman. No press release was issued proclaiming the fund’s establishment. Its existence only became public knowledge with an article in the Sunday Times in November 1996. The Blair camp was quick to defend its integrity. One unnamed spokesperson argued: “It is not a secret fund, it is a blind trust, which means that no one in the office knows who the donors are. Certainly not Tony.”

Certainly not Tony? Given that details of four prominent businessmen backers were published in the newspaper, that argument hardly passed muster. Among those named were the late Sir Emmanuel Kaye and Sir Trevor Chinn. The other two persons named by the Sunday Times as Labour Leader’s Office Fund donors – printing millionaire Bob Gavron and Granada Television’s Alex Bernstein – both subsequently secured peerages. That all four of the backers, as well as Levy himself, were Jewish was a point picked up on by commentators as diverse as the Jerusalem Post and the British National Party.

There are further Jewish connections. The trust’s books were handled by London accountants Blick Rothenberg, which also looks after many major Israeli companies operating in Britain. The Conservatives allege that Maurice Hatter, chairman of IMO Precision Controls, also gave to the trust. Hatter is known for certain to have given £1m [$1.8m] to government education initiatives, £10,000 to Labour election funds and £25,000 towards Frank Dobson’s abortive London mayor campaign.

Late publisher Paul Hamlyn was already a substantial Labour donor and is also likely to have given to Blair’s blind trust. He was friend of both Gavron and Levy, who later extracted from Hamlyn a £2m donation to the party proper in 2000. But in this case there is no need to resort to anti-Semitic conspiracy theory to explain all this. (“Taking It On Trust”, Labour Party PLC: New Labour as a Party of Business, David Osler, 2002)

That’s right: there’s no need to resort to a conspiracy theory. These Jews were just doing what comes naturally: paying traitorous White politicians to run the country for Jewish ends. Bliar, like Margaret Thatcher and Harold Wilson before him, knew that Jews weren’t helping him out of the kindness of their goy-loving hearts. They expected something in return and they got it. Massively increased immigration and the war in Iraq are two of Bliar’s payments on his permanent debt, but I don’t think he’s going to receive the protection of the Jews-media for much longer. Jews may be planning to use him as the fall-guy as JuLabour begins to crumble. On the very day “Lord” Levy was arrested, the Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland rushed to his keyboard to turn out a heart-felt “Cherchez le goy!”:

This is lazy scapegoating

Levy can surely look after himself, but his critics should bear two things in mind. First, Levy has been a convenient personification of what is, in fact, a wider phenomenon: a New Labour weakness for corporate power. Whether it was the willingness to take Bernie Ecclestone’s cash or the sweet deals granted in the name of the public finance initiative, this Labour government has displayed a wide-eyed eagerness to cosy up to big money that has no precedent. We’ve seen it again in John Prescott’s desperation to make nice with the US casino tycoon Philip Anschutz [yet another sleazy Jew]. This is a defect of New Labour itself; it is lazy to make Levy the scapegoat for it.

If Labour has been in the wrong over loans-for-peerages, it is a delusion to think that the blame should rest solely with Levy. He has reportedly warned that he will not play the fall guy; if he is taken down, he will tell the truth of others’ roles. Put succinctly, there is no way that Lord Levy could have been selling honours without the blessing of his boss, the prime minister. (The Guardian website, 12th July 2006)

Jonny the Jew’s up to those usual Jewish tricks of misdirection and misinformation. Hebe who pays the piper calls the tune. Levy’s the hebe, Bliar’s the piper, and who looks like the boss in this picture?

Tony Blair and Michael Levy

“So here’s vot you do for us next, my boy.”

Levy is indeed a “convenient personification” of Labour’s love of big business, because he’s a sleazy sheeney like so many of the businessmen. Although Jonny the Jew may be doing his best to pretend Levy’s race is incidental, other journalists on the Guardian have been much less helpful to the kikish cause:

The scandal has also thrown a rare shaft of light on to the private world of Lord Levy and his web of connections with business and charities. They show that many of the Labour lenders had initially been donors to Lord Levy’s favourite charities, such as the Community Service Volunteers, Jewish Care and the NSPCC [the highly politically correct and anti-male National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children]. Three of the 12 who gave Labour loans – Andrew Rosenfield, Barry Townsley and Sir David Garrard – are also patrons of Jewish Care. (The Guardian, 25th March 2006)

Jewish rat Norwegian Rat

Play “Spot the rat”

Garrard, Townsley and Rosenfeld are at the heart of the scandal with Levy and Bliar, proving once again that simple but oh-so-important truth: You can take Jews out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of Jews. The rat-like cunning and ruthlessness they forged over the centuries there are at work as hard as ever in Western politics and business, and like rats Jews have introduced deadly diseases: multi-culturalism, feminism, anti-racism. They’ve also been careful to select and train the dregs of the White race to serve them. In a healthy society, rats like George Bush and Tony Blair would have no chance of winning power. But our Jew-created government isn’t simply kakocracy, or rule by the bad: it’s kakistocracy, or rule by the worst. In other words, only rats like Bush and Blair can win power. To keep it, they have to grovel hard and often before their masters:

Jewish Care, the largest health and social care provider for the UK’s Jewish community, received lavish praise from the Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Tony Blair MP, who spoke at the charity’s fundraising dinner at the London Hilton on Monday 15 May [2006]. Addressing a 900-strong crowd, Mr Blair described Jewish Care as “one of the most remarkable organisations in the voluntary sector, right at the cutting edge of delivering care to the community. The way that you break down the barriers and tailor services to individual needs and the humanity that reaches so many people – this is something very special, quite remarkable and unique. Jewish Care is not just Jewish values in action; it is actually the best of British values in action. You can be really, really proud of the work that you do,” the Prime Minister said.

Mr Blair was introduced by Jewish Care’s president, Lord Levy, who said: “Thank you for the whole of our community – from the whole of Anglo-Jewry for the support that you have given to this community over so many years, which I am sure will continue.” He also thanked the Prime Minister for his “solid and committed support of the State of Israel.” (

Israel: where the living is sleazy and the Arabs are blown sky-high. Jews like Michael Levy in Britain and Jack Abramoff in the United States work to keep two floodgates fully open for Jewish pleasure and profit. One lets immigrants in to weaken Whites and the other lets money and technology out to strengthen Israel. Funded and equipped by American goyim, Israel is the only superpower in the Middle East and the present trouble there may be preparation for an attack on its Islamic rival Iran. Whites don’t need Jews or Israel in the slightest, but Jews and Israel desperately need Whites, and they’re quite happy to risk our destruction in their war with Islam. After all, what have they got to lose?

But I don’t believe that I’m alone in the journey I’ve made over the past five years: from sympathy for Jews to fully fledged anti-Semitism. The more obvious it becomes that the West is dying, the more obvious it also becomes that Jews are the chief executioners. The Mearsheimer and Walt paper on the Israel Lobby in the United States was a very significant development and the appearance of sleazy sheeneys like “Lord” Levy in scandal after scandal, from cash-for-honours to the lies that created the war in Iraq, must be opening the sleeping eyes of many other Whites. If Jews are moving against Iran now it may be because they know that time is running out fast.


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