Luke O’Farrell earlier today     27th January 2006

Enough Already

Gullible Goyim and Golden Shoahs

Pity the poor Jews. The single biggest and best argument for the reality of the Holocaust already, and – oy, such a gevuschnitz ve haff! – they can’t use it. After all, what above all else lends weight to their claims that someone would try to wipe them out? Simple: it’s their own obnoxiousness. Before the war they had been kicked out of country after country for hundreds of years and they’d always gone wriggling back, long noses sniffing for gold, shifty eyes gleaming with self-importance and greed. It’s plausible, at the very least, that one group of goys finally had enough, set out to solve their Jewish problem for good and found out that lots of other goys were happy to help or refrain from interfering.

So let’s take that as our working hypothesis. It’s all true: the Holocaust really happened as they claim it did. Six million Jews really did the Shoah-shuffle, the Belsen-boogie and the Treblinka-two-step. But even if the figures are right, and I don’t believe they are, the Jewish portrayal of the Holocaust still involves huge dishonesty and deceit. In order to promote the Holocaust as “The Vorst Thing to Happen to Anyvon in the Vorld Evah”, they rely on the fact that you can manipulate people just as effectively by concealing a truth as by inventing a lie. So here are three of the truths about twentieth-century history that Jews have tried to drop down the memory hole.

Concealed Truth #1: Jews themselves have been actively involved in mass murder and would, if they’d had their way, have been involved in much more. Jews were central to the triumph of communism in eastern Europe and served enthusiastically in the murderous communist secret police and concentration camps. If communism had taken over western Europe and America, Jews would have served just as enthusiastically there too and many Heretical readers would now not exist, because their parents or grandparents would have been murdered.

This Jewish involvement in communism is systematically concealed or denied by the mass media, helping sustain the myth of the Jew as Eternal Victim. For example, after the Second World War Jewish “Holocaust survivors” were attacked when they returned to their homes in Poland. More unjustified Gentile persecution of innocent Jews? No, the natural consequence of Jewish behavior in 1939, when the Red Army occupied half of Poland:

The Poles watched the Soviet invaders with a mixture of revulsion and fear. Not a few of us cried. My brother became so distraught that shortly after, his hair began to come out in clumps while my little sister could only ask: “How could they do this?” But as disconcerting was the emergence of a local Jewish militia which was friendly to the Red Army and had made its appearance even before the enemy had marched in. Armed and organized, its first task was to arrest the students and Boy Scouts who had been posted as guards with old carbines in some cases taller than them. The Jews roughed up the shocked youngsters, who had considered their captors as friends and classmates, before turning them over to the Soviets from whom they had prior directions. What was the fate of these young Poles? In many cases torture and death. This Jewish militia would help carry out the Soviets’ dirty work during their occupation. My family and others would fall victim to them.

A sizable minority of Polish Jews from all levels collaborated, usually passively but often actively, with the Soviet occupiers in their liquidation of Poles in Eastern Poland in 1939-1941. (A Krzemiencian whose family deportation was headed by a Jew and cheered by young Jews along the route to the cattle cars, would later testify: “Jewish society it appears at a rate of 95% or in any case in overwhelming numbers immediately snuggled up to the new Soviet rulers and worked with them in carrying out the new order. It was largely through their help that the new order was able to set up and expand in the occupied territories.”) For many, including my kin, the last sight they had of Poland and their loved ones, was a cattle car bound for Siberia, and a Jew or Ukrainian, or both, with a rifle on every wagon. (Poland’s Holocaust)

Stories like that do great harm to the Jews’ myths about their unique suffering and victimhood, which is why you won’t hear them through the mass media. One of the world’s most famous authors, the Russian Alexander Solzhenitsyn, has sold millions of books in the English-speaking world but can’t find a publisher in English for one of his most recent and most important books, Dvesti Let Vmeste or Two Hundred Years Together. Why not? Because it’s about the relationship between Jews and Christians in Russia. Shockingly, Solzhenitsyn suggests that Jews have not always been innocent victims of Gentile oppression but have sometimes behaved badly and abused power themselves:

He states that all the nation’s ethnic groups must share the blame, and that people shy away from speaking the truth about the Jewish experience. In one remark which infuriated Russian Jews, he wrote: “If I would care to generalise, and to say that the life of the Jews in the camps was especially hard, I could, and would not face reproach for an unjust national generalisation. But in the camps where I was kept, it was different. The Jews whose experience I saw – their life was softer than that of others.” Yet he added: “But it is impossible to find the answer to the eternal question: who is to be blamed, who led us to our death? To explain the actions of the Kiev Cheka [Secret Police] only by the fact that two-thirds were Jews, is certainly incorrect.” (The Guardian, 25th January 2003)

It is certainly incorrect to explain it only by that fact, but that fact is nevertheless of central importance in the history of mass murder and oppression in the Soviet Union – which is why Jews want it forgotten.

Concealed Truth #2: Many more Gentiles than Jews died during World War Two, and many more people were murdered by communists than by Nazis. Roughly sixty million people died during World War Two. If we accept the full Holocaust figure, one in ten of the war’s dead was a Jew, which means nine in ten were Gentiles. Why are the ones-in-ten endlessly in the spotlight while the nine-in-ten are ignored? After all, aren’t we all the same? Isn’t “race” just a figment of racists’ diseased imaginations? Only so long as it suits the Jews who control politics and the media. The Holocaust reveals their real opinions: Ve matter; you goyim don’t. That’s also why we hear so little about the hundred million victims of communism, especially the millions who died during the Ukrainian famine so enthusiastically organized and enforced by Jews in the Soviet secret police.

Concealed Truth #3: The concentration camps were liberated by war-criminals. Holocaust Memorial Day (H.M.D.) commemorates the liberation of Auschwitz on 27th January 1945, by the communist Red Army. And what was the Red Army doing before, during and after the liberation of Auschwitz? Well, you won’t hear a whisper of it on H.M.D., because it would “complicate” the story of Innocent Jewish Victims and Evil Gentile Nazis, but the Red Army was committing some of the worst war-crimes in history:

“Red Army soldiers don’t believe in ‘individual liaisons’ with German women,” wrote the playwright Zakhar Agranenko in his diary when serving as an officer of marine infantry in East Prussia. “Nine, ten, twelve men at a time – they rape them on a collective basis.” Beria and Stalin, back in Moscow, knew perfectly well what was going on from a number of detailed reports. One stated that “many Germans declare that all German women in East Prussia who stayed behind were raped by Red Army soldiers.” Numerous examples of gang rape were given – “girls under 18 and old women included.”

Natalya Gesse, a close friend of the scientist Andrei Sakharov, had observed the Red Army in action in 1945 as a Soviet war correspondent. “The Russian soldiers were raping every German female from eight to eighty,” she recounted later. “It was an army of rapists.” Drink of every variety, including dangerous chemicals seized from laboratories and workshops, was a major factor in the violence. It seems as if Soviet soldiers needed alcoholic courage to attack a woman. But then, all too often, they drank too much and, unable to complete the act, used the bottle instead with appalling effect. A number of victims were mutilated obscenely.

The novelist Vasily Grossman, a war correspondent attached to the invading Red Army, soon discovered that rape victims were not just Germans. Polish women also suffered. So did young Russian, Belorussian and Ukrainian women who had been sent to Germany by the Wehrmacht for slave labour. “Liberated Soviet girls quite often complain that our soldiers rape them,” he noted. “One girl said to me in tears: ‘He was an old man, older than my father.’” The rape of Soviet women and girls seriously undermines Russian attempts to justify Red Army behaviour on the grounds of revenge for German brutality in the Soviet Union. In Dahlem, Soviet officers visited Sister Kunigunde, the mother superior of Haus Dahlem, a maternity clinic and orphanage. The officers and their men behaved impeccably. In fact, the officers even warned Sister Kunigunde about the second-line troops following on behind. Their prediction proved entirely accurate. Nuns, young girls, old women, pregnant women and mothers who had just given birth were all raped without pity.

Older Berliners still remember the screams every night. It was impossible not to hear them because all the windows had been blown in. Estimates of rape victims from the city’s two main hospitals ranged from 95,000 to 130,000. One doctor deduced that out of approximately 100,000 women raped in the city, some 10,000 died as a result, mostly from suicide. The death rate was thought to have been much higher among the 1.4 million estimated victims in East Prussia, Pomerania and Silesia. Altogether at least two million German women are thought to have been raped, and a substantial minority, if not a majority, appear to have suffered multiple rape.

If anyone attempted to defend a woman against a Soviet attacker it was either a father trying to defend a daughter or a young son trying to protect his mother. “The 13-year old Dieter Sahl,” neighbours wrote in a letter shortly after the event, “threw himself with flailing fists at a Russian who was raping his mother in front of him. He did not succeed in anything except getting himself shot.” (“They raped every German female from eight to 80”, The Guardian, 1st May 2002)

Ask yourself how often these facts appear in the Western media. Once for every thousand mentions of the Holocaust? Once for every ten thousand mentions of the Holocaust? And when they do appear, they’re used as feminist propaganda against White men, not as proof of the evil nature of Jew-invented communism. Nevertheless, the armies of Western nations like Britain and America committed war-crimes of a similar kind, if not on a similar scale. The Second World War was full of horror and suffering, but thanks to Jewish control of politics and the media, the Jewish share gets more and more attention as everything else gets less and less.

If you ask why this has happened, some of the best answers have been supplied by that very rare figure: a Jew who is prepared to criticize his own race when it behaves badly. The American academic Norman Finkelstein, whose own parents were genuine Holocaust survivors, has challenged Shoah business with acute insight and skill:

The Holocaust has proven to be an indispensable ideological weapon. Through its deployment, one of the world’s most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a “victim” state, and the most successful ethnic group in the United States has likewise acquired victim status. Considerable benefits accrue to this specious victimhood – in particular, immunity to criticism, however justified.

The Holocaust industry represents neither “those who were murdered” nor Jewish survivors and heirs. It is an extortion racket wrapped in the mantle of Jewish suffering. Consider recent developments. In the name of Holocaust victims, the Holocaust industry seized control of denationalized properties worth billions of dollars in the former East Germany. The legitimate Jewish heirs are currently suing the Holocaust industry to return their properties. Nearly all the monies in the Swiss banks settlement will go not to Jewish survivors or heirs but into the coffers of Jewish organizations. (

Exploitation of the Shoah has showered gold on Jews for decades and enabled them to manipulate Whites into acting not in their own best interests but in the best interests of their greatest enemies. Holocaustianity is now the official religion of White nations, allowing Jews to cry over and over again: “Let my people, goy!”

• Let my people fill your heads with lies and propaganda.

• Let my people defraud and rob you of billions of dollars.

• Let my people re-write your laws to take away your freedom of speech and send anyone who questions us to jail.

• Let my people bring non-white savages flooding in to rape your women, murder your men and sooner or later take over your nations.

The lesson Jews have drawn for themselves from the Second World War is that they need their own special nation where only Jews are welcome; the lesson they’ve drawn for Whites is that we need to hand our nations over to non-whites. In 1906, there was little chance of wars and massacres happening again in Britain or America; in 2006, thanks to decades of Jew-inspired non-white immigration, the chances are rising all the time. Because of their “Holocaust”, we suffer – but that’s Shoah-biz.



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