Luke O’Farrell earlier today     1 NOVEMBER 2005

The Three Rs

Rape, Riot and Race War

Mosquitoes in a flap about blood-sucking. Jews condemning greed and dishonesty. Blacks marching against rape. Though number one might seem by far the most likely, it was actually number three that happened in the English city of Birmingham in October 2005. But the black marchers weren’t protesting about rape in general, just about a particular rape alleged to have been committed against one of their “community.”

The story goes that a 14-year-old black girl was caught stealing by a Pakistani shopkeeper. So far, so believable. But credibility starts to plummet after that. The girl revealed that she was an illegal immigrant and desperate to avoid the police, so the shopkeeper demanded sex in exchange for her freedom. He also phoned three of his friends so they could join in the fun. No, make that five of his friends. Or maybe it was nine. Or fifteen. Or even twenty-five.

Well, I’ve heard of sloppy seconds, but that’s ridiculous. Apart from the “She-Niglet Caught Stealing” part, the story has “Baseless Rumor” written all over it. I don’t believe a Pakistani shopkeeper, no matter how sex-starved, would have the bad taste and lack of common sense to demand sex from a 14-year-old jigaboo. Under-age black girls are even less attractive than over-age black girls, and he’d have been committing a serious crime and running just about the same risk of catching some unpleasant STD. It would have been a very stupid thing to do, which is probably why, despite the complete lack of evidence, so many blacks believe that it really happened. They’re judging pakis by their own standards, in other words.

Anyway, once the rumor started circulating in the “black community” in Birmingham, da bruddas got more and more agitated. A local black radio-station fanned the flames, there were demonstrations and a public meeting, and then bingo – a bongo-party was in full swing as the blacks tried to smash up Pakistani businesses and run their fellow “et’nics” out of town. But they’d picked the wrong target for intimidation. Niggers are vicious and stupid. Pakis are vicious and well-organized and, as an “oppressed minority” themselves, know that they can’t commit the unforgivable sin of racism. That removes their inhibitions where their black brothers are concerned. At one point two cars pulled up alongside three blacks who’d reportedly had nothing to do with the rioting. Out poured a dozen or so pakis who, with the odds the way they like them – though they’d no doubt have preferred five or six to one – proceeded to stab and batter one of the blacks to death.

Of course, this wasn’t a “hate crime” – only Whites can commit those – and it turned out the victim had been a “gentle and deeply religious” lad who never caused no trouble to no-one, nohow. And who knows? In this case it might even have been true. Such blacks do exist, but they make no difference to the black criminality and viciousness that flourish in Birmingham and all other British cities. As we all know, the more criminal and vicious blacks are, the more they demand “respec’ .” No doubt rattlesnakes and hyenas would demand the same if they could talk. Pakistanis aren’t ready to supply “respec’ ” in Birmingham, have been much more successful in business and politics because of their higher intelligence, and are starting to out-compete blacks in drug-dealing and crime too. All of these, particularly the last, are blows to black self-esteem, so their resentment built up more and more till it exploded in the usual fashion: in an orgy of mindless destruction and violence.

How did Britain’s liberal media react to the riot and murder and the vicious inter-racial hatred they revealed? With bafflement and embarrassed silence. There was no way to “Do tha Right Thang” – that is, to put the blame on Whitey. This was niggas rioting against pakis and pakis murdering niggas. No Whites involved, except for the riot-police trying to keep the two sides apart. The Guardian did the best it could by getting nostalgic and republishing an article from the good old days of the 1960s, when Whitey could still be blamed for all racial problems. The villain of the piece was a “Mr Don Finney”:

Mr Finney lives, appropriately enough, in White Street, a road as genteelly run-down as Marshall Street. He now devotes all his considerable energies to running the English Rights Association, an extreme version of the Birmingham Immigration Control Association, which he also founded. “We want to get out of this stinking Commonwealth – it is no good to us,” said Mr Finney at a meeting of his committee this week. He wants to ship all the immigrants in Smethwick and the rest of the country back to where they came from. The association says that Communist money has been poured into a campaign to fill Britain with coloured immigrants. They do not want harmony between white and coloured, and they dread the emergence of a coffee-coloured Britain. (The Guardian, 26th October 1965 / 2005)

Was The Guardian in 2005 subconsciously acknowledging that Don Finney was right and that Britain would be far better off now if we’d done what he wanted? Almost certainly not. It’s just as much a byword for liberal lunacy today as it was back then. In 1965 it looked forward eagerly to the “emergence of a coffee-coloured Britain” and was horrified at the thought of “shipping all the immigrants...back to where they came from.” It longed for “harmony between white and coloured” and was sure that with strong laws to suppress evil Whitey’s innate racism and lots (and lots) of government money, it was just around the corner. Forty years later, we’re much further from it than we were in 1965. Non-white suicide-bombers “born and bred” in Britain have murdered dozens on the London Underground, and we’re having to pour billions of dollars into preventing – or rather postponing – further atrocities. Mass immigration has been an unmitigated disaster, and what comes next is full-blown race war.

The funny thing is that it hasn’t happened already. Those blacks in Birmingham rioted about a ridiculously implausible rumor of rape. Whites in London have much more than rumors to riot about, because a sex-war is already being waged against White women there. But it’s not being talked about: The Daily Telegraph was the only big paper to carry the full details of the following story:

A hardcore of muggers are behind an alarming number of gang rapes in London, according to Scotland Yard. There has been a group sex attack for every day of the last year [2003], [but] Scotland Yard is treating the evidence with care because it has sensitive racial overtones. It suggests a disproportionately high involvement of young black or Asian males in group sex attacks and that a high proportion of the victims are white females. There is evidence that incidence of group rape is rising in other inner city areas of Britain, but little detailed research has been produced. In the five-month Scotland Yard study, suspects of African/Caribbean appearance were identified in 49 per cent of attacks. A further 13 per cent were committed by men of Indian/Pakistani appearance. Women and girls of white/European appearance accounted for 59 per cent of victims but the sexual violence also heavily affected the black community, with 28 per cent of victims described as African/Caribbean. Half the victims were under 21, with 75 per cent under 30. More than half the assaults involved three or more attackers. Scotland Yard has been concerned for some time about “group rape”, which began to rise in 2001, along with street crime. (The Daily Telegraph, 14 January 2004)

Let’s reprise one vital line:

Scotland Yard is treating the evidence with care because it has sensitive racial overtones...

Ah, those “sensitive racial overtones.” There’s an epidemic of gang rape – a term Scotland Yard “sensitively” avoids – against young White women, but because it’s being perpetrated by niggers and pakis, we have to be “sensitive” about it. In other words, we have to let it carry on and avert our eyes in other British cities, because the alternative would be admitting that non-whites haven’t “enriched” White society as those lying liberals back in the 1960s promised they would. White women are being sacrificed in their hundreds on the altars of those liberal deities Multiracialism and Diversity, but we have to pretend it’s all for the greater good. I’m reminded of this story from classical mythology:

Iphigenia was the daughter of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon. When the Greek ships were delayed by contrary winds at Aulis en route to the Trojan War, Calchas informed Agamemnon that Artemis demanded the sacrifice of his daughter. Agamemnon reluctantly agreed, and, despite Clytemnestra’s protestations, Iphigenia nobly consented to die for the glory of Greece. (

Today Western liberals and feminists are nobly letting White women be raped for the glory of Multiracialism and Diversity. But the Trojan war is much more famous for the Wooden Horse, when the Greeks tricked the inhabitants of Troy into dragging a giant wooden horse inside their otherwise impregnable city walls. The horse was hollow and the Greek warriors hiding inside crept out at night and opened the city gates for the Greek army waiting outside. Troy was then sacked and destroyed: alien invaders swarmed in to murder Trojan men and rape Trojan women.

If you’re not reminded of the situation in White nations today, you should be. Jews and their white liberal allies have used lies about race as a Trojan horse to get loveable, peaceful, enriching non-whites inside our city walls, and rape and murder have inevitably followed as those non-whites begin sacking and destroying. Unless we understand what’s going on and fight to stop it, White nations will soon be like Troy: a legend of vanished greatness, not a living reality.


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