Luke O’Farrell earlier today     28 NOVEMBER 2005

“Diversity” is Disease

Welcoming Plague-Carriers into the West

I don’t want Muslims in my country, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see some good things in Islam. It created some very great art and architecture once, and there is genuine wisdom in its scriptures. Take the hadith, or the collection of traditions about Muhammad. One of the traditions is this:

The Prophet said, “If you hear of an outbreak of plague in a land, do not enter it; but if the plague breaks out in a place while you are in it, do not leave that place.” (Hadith, translation of Sahih Bukhari)

Muhammad understood the concept of quarantine, but his advice for Muslims to stay in plague-spots must be very hard to follow: people naturally flee plague, which is why it can spread so fast. This understandable selfishness is one very good reason for governments to keep control of their borders. If a deadly plague broke out in France, it would be the duty of the British government to stop French refugees carrying it across the English Channel to infect this country too.

But governments have a duty to protect their citizens from other kinds of plague, like those that have been raging for decades in this country (I’ve disguised its name for reasons that will become obvious):

The S– problem started when the democratic government was overthrown in 1969 by the dictatorial government that ruled S– until the civil war of 1990. During the time of this government many people were mistreated, tortured or killed. Tribalism was enriched and the rights of groups or tribes who were not loyal to the government were denied. This led to the 1990 civil war that devastated S–. Since then, the whole situation of the country has been deteriorating. The civil war has destroyed not only the law and order of the country, but the whole infrastructure of the country as well. The whole world witnessed the famine of 1992, which claimed the lives of more than 300,000 people. (

It would be very foolish to allow refugees from this country into the UK, because they would carry with them the culture and beliefs that produced the political plagues of their homeland. Fortunately, S– is a very long way from the UK, so even under liberal international law refugees would have no right to come here: there are many safe nations en route and the British government would have no obligation to accept them.

But the British government is a traitor to the Whites of Britain. That’s why it’s accepted more than 15,000 “refugees” – the exact figure, as ever, is impossible to know – from the country described above. “S–” stands for Somalia and Somalis entering Britain have, with complete predictability, carried the plagues of their homeland with them. Here’s a grandmother in London describing an attack on her home by a gang of “25 Somalis” in 2003:

“I could hear bricks coming through my house breaking all the windows,” she says. “We were so scared in here. [It went on] until quarter past five [in the morning]. Glass was flying everywhere – I was lying on the floor shaking... I don’t sleep until 2pm. I am so scared they might come back. I hate the Somalis – they should go back to their country. They are a warring people. They don’t know about peace, they don’t know about love. They have no heart. Truly they are animals.” (The Daily Telegraph, 8th Aug 2004)

Liberals will be unsure what to say about this report, because those classic lines of racist hate and xenophobia directed at blacks were actually spoken by a black. The biggest enemies of Somalis in London are Afro-Caribbeans, who are now experiencing some of the violence and crime they themselves have long inflicted on British Whites.

It’s a kind of poetic justice, but unfortunately the Somali community in London is becoming more vibrant all the time and exporting its diversity to other parts of the country. As I described in my last column, a White policewoman was shot to death in the northern city of Bradford after a robbery. The police were slow to release a description of the wanted men because they weren’t White, and they’ve been even slower to release their names and photographs. Understandably so, because their names and photographs do a lot of harm to the “Diversity Is Our Strength” lie constantly repeated by the police and the media:

The murderers of White policewoman Sharon Beshenivsky

The names and photographs of the suspected killers of PC Sharon Beshenivsky were released by police yesterday after two days of undercover work failed to trace them at known addresses. They were named as Muzzaker Imtiaz Shah, 24, from Burnley but believed to have been living in the London area for four years, and brothers Mustaf and Yusuf Jama, 25 and 19, who lived in North Kensington, west London, until their disappearance after the Bradford murder. Detectives also released CCTV pictures, [including] pictures of three men running to a car after their bungled raid on the Bradford travel agency Universal Express, where witnesses described them “shooting like cowboys in the wild west.”

PC Beshenivsky, 38, a mother of three with two stepchildren, was killed, and her colleague PC Teresa Milburn, 37, seriously injured when they arrived in response to a silent alarm triggered by Universal’s staff. The raiders were pistol-whipping clerks and demanding £100,000 [$150,000] when the patrol car arrived. They shot the officers and fled with only £2,000 [$3,000]. (The Guardian, 26th November 2005)

And guess what? Two of the wanted men – the Jama brothers – are Somalis. They’ve come from a violent, lawless country, and with complete predictability they’ve brought violence and lawlessness with them. But the man who actually killed the policewoman is believed to be Muzzaker Imtiaz Shah, the product of an earlier wave of immigration to the UK. That wave was from Pakistan, and its harmful effects were also entirely predictable. Pakistan has plagues of corruption and violence, and “British” Pakistanis are reproducing those plagues in Britain.

But of course they and other non-white immigrants have also carried more conventional forms of disease:

The infections of particular concern are AIDS, the hepatitis viruses B and C and tuberculosis. In some of the countries from which immigrants are coming these conditions are present in much higher frequency than in the UK. Increasing numbers of persons with these infections in the UK represent a substantial additional burden on the Health Service.

Common to all these conditions is the high cost of treatment once the disease becomes manifest. For AIDS patients, it has been estimated that modern anti-viral therapy costs about £15,000 [$22,000] a year. For hepatitis B and C the cost of annual therapy is £10-12,000 [$15,000-$18,000]. Both these infections can lead to progressive disease with repeated hospital admissions and prolonged outpatient surveillance with even higher costs for those that come finally to liver transplantation.

Adding these sums together would suggest that each year’s intake of asylum seekers and work permit holders could involve a potential cost to the NHS of £1,290 million [$1,935 million]. Such calculations cannot be precise but they certainly indicate that the potential costs are huge. This suggests an urgent need to introduce testing, at the very least for those, including students, who come from areas of high risk for these diseases. (MigrationWatch UK, “Health Consequences of Current Immigration Policy”)

That huge sum is only a year’s cost, and Britain has been accepting non-whites and their various diseases for decades. It’s plain that the British government has repeatedly and traitorously failed in its duty to protect its own citizens – or rather, it’s failed in its duty to its only true citizens, the White ones.

The report in The Guardian about the robbery in Bradford also helps you understand why. It carried on to describe a memorial service for the murdered policewoman:

Bradford’s rich diversity of communities was on display at the half-hour memorial service, where the city’s bishop, the Right Rev David James prayed for “the lifting of the darkness of these days.” The West Yorkshire police chaplain, Rev Sam Sagar, gave thanks for “the diverse communities of this city, held together by respect and care for one another.” (The Guardian, 26th November 2005)

Three non-whites have just killed a White in a city already notorious for “ethnic” riots, crime and anti-White hatred, and yet The Guardian is still trying to celebrate the city’s “rich diversity of communities” and repeating lies and humbug about the way those communities are “held together by respect and care for one another.” There is a plague at work here too: a mental plague that destroys the ability of Whites to recognize the truth about race and act in their own best interests.

If you want to understand where it comes from, you have to look at the deadliest plague-carriers of all: the Jews. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Jewish refugees came to Britain fleeing “persecution” in Europe. And of course they carried with them the plagues that caused them to be “persecuted”: greed, dishonesty, deceit, manipulativeness and hatred of Whites and White societies. Those Jewish plague-germs known as Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud both ended up in Britain, just as the Jewish plague-germ known as Franz Boas ended up in America.

The mental toxins these three Jewish bacilli manufactured are at work harder than ever in Western politics and culture, swiftly and surely destroying the countries that offered them shelter. A healthy White nation wouldn’t have accepted huge numbers of Pakistanis and Somalis the way Britain did, but that’s because Britain and other White nations aren’t healthy. We have allowed ourselves to be infected by Jews and their lies about race, and we won’t be healthy again until we get rid of that infection and put Jews back into quarantine.


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