Luke O’Farrell earlier today     5th February 2006

Niggers, Naggers and Yids

Reflections on Media “Martyrs” and the Hollow Hoax

Shooting a very large fish in a very small barrel. With a cannon. That’s what making this prediction last year was like:

White death and suffering don’t matter either to liberals or to the Jews who manipulate them from the shadows, and until we destroy the curse of Judeo-liberalism White death and suffering will not only continue but get worse and worse. If you don’t believe me, just watch as Richard Whelan rapidly joins Kriss Donald and countless other White victims in oblivion, while the black Anthony Walker joins the black Stephen Lawrence at the right hand of Jesus. (“Precious Blacks, Worthless Whites”)

I wrote that in August 2005 and sure enough St Anthony Walker, murdered by two Whites in Liverpool, is still regularly appearing in the media. On 3rd February 2006 the martyr’s Ma, the ugly Gee Walker, appeared on BBC Radio’s daily Woman’s Hour to be patronized and exploited by a nagging white feminist called Martha Kearney.

BBC web page for black martyr Anthony Walker’s ugly mother Gee Walker

One can only speculate why the nagging and possibly Jewish feminist Jenni Murray, Woman’s Hour’s very Big Mother, didn’t get the gig but perhaps she was off having electrolysis for her recurrent chest hair. Anyway, Kearney cooed over Ma Walker’s “extraordinary poise” and described her as a “beacon of hope.” She’s forgiven the evil White males who killed her son, you see, as her Christian faith commands her. Liberals like Kearney don’t take Christianity seriously, of course, but they think it’s cute that one of their ethnic pets does.

Blacks are perfect for the role of liberal pet because they’re stupid and can be easily patronized and manipulated. A brighter woman than Ma Walker would realize that Kearney and the BBC don’t really give a flying fandango for her or her dead son – what interests them is the chance to bash Whites in general and White men in particular. The proof of that lies in this simple question: “Has Isiah Young-Sam’s mother forgiven her son’s murderers?” The answer you’d probably get from a liberal would be: “Who?” Well, this is who:

A “gentle and deeply religious” IT worker was stabbed to death during rioting in Birmingham after being set upon by up to 11 men, police said tonight. Isiah [sic] Young-Sam, 23, was attacked in the Lozells area of the city on Saturday as he walked home with his younger brother, Zephaniah, and two friends from an afternoon at the cinema. Speaking at a news conference at West Midlands Police headquarters, Detective Superintendent Dave Mirfield said Isiah was brutally assaulted after a group of men emerged from three cars.

Describing the murder, the officer said: “The group was approached by three cars. Those cars contained, we believe, between 10 and 11 men. These men got out of the cars, armed with knives, and attacked Isiah and his friends.” Isiah, who worked for Birmingham City Council, died from a single stab wound to the chest and his friend was stabbed in the back during the incident in Carlyle Road, Lozells. Although a motive for the attack has yet to be established, Mr Mirfield said it was clear that Isiah was an innocent victim. (Birmingham Post, 24th October 2005)

When a liberal-trained policeman says “a motive ... has yet to be established”, he means that the motive is perfectly clear but it would be politically incorrect to say what it is. The generic “men” who murdered the black Isiah Young-Sam were Pakistanis and the murder was a definite “hate-crime.” Like the rioting as a whole, it also reflected deep and long-lasting hatred between two entire communities, the blacks and Pakistanis of the Lozells district of Birmingham. In other words, it was much more significant than the murder of Anthony Walker in Liverpool, but it has received considerably less attention. When I googled for “Anthony Walker” + “Liverpool murder” in February 2006, I got 24,100 hits. When I googled for “Is(a)iah Young-Sam”, I got 545 hits – a miserly two per cent of the Walker total.

The mothers of Whites and ethnics murdered by ethnics

So has Isiah Young-Sam’s mother forgiven her son’s murderers? Liberals’ answer is: “Don’t know, don’t care.” This is because Isiah Young-Sam wasn’t killed by Whites. ETHNICS KILL ETHNIC and ETHNICS KILL WHITE aren’t news. Only the much less common WHITES KILL ETHNIC is news, because only WHITES KILL ETHNIC can be used to instill White guilt and help destroy White society. Feminists like Martha Kearney, who will be far worse off in a society dominated by non-whites, happily support the propaganda war partly because they’re stupid and partly because, like all liberals, they belong to a death-cult created for Whites by Jews.

The high-priest of that death-cult in Britain is our repulsive Prime Minister, Tony “Bliar” Blair. The more I’ve watched him in action, the more I’ve started to speculate about pacts with the Devil. How has someone as unintelligent, untalented and uncharismatic as Bliar got to the top and stayed there for so long? Did he sell his soul to Satan somewhere along the line? Well, in a sense, yes. Bliar has been successful because he’s never done anything the Jews or big business wouldn’t like. It was his Labour government who introduced Hollow Hoax Memorial Day, after all, and though it took them three years after their election victory in 1997, I think that reflects strategic thinking by Bliar’s Jewish puppet-masters. Introducing HoHo Memorial Day in 2000 symbolically captured the 21st century. The further into the past the Hollow Hoax goes, the more its “lessons” are going to be rammed down our throats.

Here’s one of the “lessons” of the Hollow Hoax from Bliar himself:

Racism must be fought against from the moment it appears. That what permits racial genocide is as much the indifference, the attitudes of abstention as much as the acts of violence. Later tonight the BBC will screen Schindler’s List. No film has ever made a greater impression on me. The scene that affected me most was where the concentration camp commander is with his girlfriend; they are arguing as couples do but then casually he shoots a Jew in the camp below his window. She pays no attention. It is not her business. It is not the perpetrators alone who fear guilt. It is the “blind-eye turners”, the people who would shrink from cruelty themselves, but cannot summon up the moral force to prevent it in others. (Bliar’s HoHo Memorial Day speech for 28th January 2001)

That sums up Bliar’s shallowness and dishonesty very well: a fictional scene in Swindler’s List has inspired him to fight “racism”, that is, to ignore the wishes of the White majority in Britain and allow their homeland to be flooded by aliens. Like St Anthony Walker and St Stephen Lawrence, a previous black martyr of White “racism”, the Hollow Hoax is a tool used by Jews to re-shape White societies for their own ends. In Israel, Jews are in the majority and are determined to keep it that way. In Europe and America, Whites are presently in the majority and so Jews are determined to bring them down. One Hollow Hoax, two diametrically opposed policies governed by the eternal Jewish principle: “Everyvon must do vot’s best for Jews.” Here’s their puppet Tony Bliar in another HoHo Memorial Day speech:

We must never forget the Holocaust victims. We must never dishonor their memory by allowing the ugly poison of racial prejudice and hatred to hold sway again. We must pledge ourselves to confront such prejudice wherever it seeks to disfigure our community and we remember above all that the Holocaust did not start with a concentration camp. It started with a brick through the shop window of a Jewish business, the desecration of a Synagogue, the shout of racist abuse on the street. We recall today what humanity at its worst can do. And then, in keeping the memory of the Holocaust in our minds and hearts, we allow the dead to live again, to teach us, urging us to work for a world free from such prejudice and hatred, for a future shared by all. (Bliar’s H.H.M.D. speech for 27th January 2005)

In other words, only racists and haters could object to “diversity”, which blesses and enriches us all, particularly when, like white liberals, we’re rich and hypocritical enough to avoid living near its most vibrant manifestations. But what Jews themselves really think about “diversity” can be seen from their behavior in Israel. In Europe and America they tell us how wonderful “diversity” is; in Israel they don’t want it at all, because they know that losing control of your own nation is fatal. Whether or not their “Holocaust” really happened, one thing is sure: their exploitation of it is increasing the chances of a Holocaust for Whites with every day that passes.


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