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Volt’ from the Jew

Truth, Hate and Fools’ Gould

Doughty Jewish defender of free speech Melanie Phillips has pronounced on the David Irving case. An elderly British historian is jailed in Austria for peacefully questioning a dogma of Europe’s new Holocaust religion seventeen years ago... and Mel of the Mail cries “Bravo!”

[T]he comparison that has been made with the Danish cartoon controversy is simply grotesque. It has been argued that, just as those cartoons should have been published, so too should Irving’s Holocaust denial; or conversely, from the Muslim perspective, that both should be banned. But the two things are totally different. The cartoons were a political protest against clerical fascism and intimidation. Irving’s utterances are the handmaiden of fascism and an attempt to incite racial hatred. The concept of “Holocaust denial” is unfortunate, because in itself it muddles the issue and lends itself to the argument that freedom of speech is threatened. It would be far better to prosecute the Irvings of this world under the much clearer laws against incitement to racial hatred and incitement to violence. (, 24th February 2006)

Two weeks later Mel was talking about real freedom of speech: the freedom to say what Jews approve of:

While much of Europe cowers spinelessly over the Danish cartoons, [the French town of] Saint-Genis-Pouilly has bravely stood up for Voltaire against the very religious fanaticism that he fought. As the Wall Street Journal reports, a cultural centre in the town organised a reading of a 265-year-old play by Voltaire, Fanaticism, or Mahomet the Prophet, which is not an attack on Islam per se but lampoons all forms of religious intolerance. Herve Loichemol, a French theater director who produced the recent readings of Voltaire’s play in Saint-Genis-Pouilly and Geneva, says he wasn’t trying to provoke Muslims but knew from experience his production might anger some. He pushed ahead anyway. Banning blasphemy “admits private beliefs into public space,” he says. “This is how catastrophe starts.” Amazing! A member of the intellectual elite with moral intelligence! (9th March 2006)

To summarize then: neo-con Melanie Phillips a) thinks Irving should be in jail for inciting hatred against Jews; b) praises a French town for defending an attack by Voltaire on religious fanaticism. Here’s some more of what Voltaire had to say about religious fanatics:

• Were the Jews Cannibals?
• Had their Mothers Commerce with Goats?
• Did their Fathers and Mothers Immolate their Children?
• Did the Jews Eat Human Flesh?
• Were the Jewish Ladies Intimate with Goats?
• Did the Jews Immolate Human Victims?

(Section headings from Voltaire’s Philosophical Dictionary)

Among many other “hateful” things, Voltaire said this of Jews: “They are all of them born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people some day became deadly to the human race.” In other words, Melanie Phillips supports Voltaire when he attacks Muslims, but if he were alive today she would be happy to see him, like Irving, imprisoned for attacking Jews.

Amazing! A Jew with double standards! Yep, Mel is a perfect example of the Jew-filter at work in the media. Unless it’s Jew-approved, information must not pass to the Whites whom the media are supposed to be serving. Certain topics – that non-whites are a huge danger to Whites, not vice versa, that Jews are grossly over-represented in fraud and corruption – are forbidden ground. Take the rape, torture and murder of the White teenager Mary-Ann Leneghan by non-whites. The BBC’s Jew-filter tried as long as possible to keep the full facts from Britain’s Whites. For months on end the only image representing this horrific crime was that of the victim. The BBC had a drawing by a court artist of the murderers on trial, but didn’t release it until the trial was over and it came under enormous pressure for its concealment and hypocrisy:

Court artist’s rendering of the murderers of Mary-Ann Leneghan

Court artist struggles with the truth

Even here you can see the Jew-filter at work: the poor artist has done his or her best to conceal the reality of what was in front of his or her eyes. The blacks become gray and only the white-ish defendant – an Albanian Muslim “asylum”-seeker called Indrit Krasniqi – is represented in full living color. When the BBC finally released photographs of the criminals, the Albanian was given pride of place in the upper left, even though he wasn’t the ring-leader or important to the crime at all:

BBC photo of the murderers of Mary-Ann Leneghan

BBC puts the whitest face in first place

The BBC would undoubtedly have preferred to drop this case down the memory-hole, like countless other examples of White death and suffering at the hands of non-whites. For example, in November 2005 a young White woman was stabbed to death in the Yorkshire city of Sheffield. Very few people outside Yorkshire will have heard of the case and it’s stayed firmly in the “local news” section of the BBC website (three hits as of March 2006). The BBC has given only the vaguest details and the first time it didn’t mention the name of the murderer at all. Compare its coverage with that of a local newspaper:

Man charged with nightclub murder

A man has been charged with murdering a young woman who died following an fight at a nightclub in Rotherham. Kimberley [sic] Fuller, 19, of Birch Tree Road, Thorpe Hesley died early on Saturday after being at the Escape club on Ship Hill. The man accused of her murder is 21-year-old Mohammed Ahsan from Finlay Road, Eastwood in Rotherham. He is due before magistrates on Tuesday. Two teenagers who were arrested at the club have been released on police bail. (The entire report from the BBC website, 8th November 2005)

Club row girl aged 19 “stabbed in the neck”

A tragic South Yorkshire teenager was stabbed to death just hours after telling her mum “stop worrying” as she left the family home to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Kimberly Fuller, aged 19, collapsed and died from severe blood loss after being knifed in the neck when trouble flared at Escape nightclub. Mohammed Ahsan, of Finlay Road, Eastwood, Rotherham, is alleged to have stabbed her in her neck after she confronted him for pinching her bottom. He denies murder. DNA tests revealed Ahsan’s clothing – a T-shirt, jeans and pair of boots retrieved after the killing – was stained with Kimberly’s blood. (Part of the report from Sheffield Today, 17th March 2006 – note that BBC seems to have got the victim’s name wrong and the murderer’s name right)

Imagine what would happen if an Evil White Male had stabbed a Muslim girl to death. The information would pass straight through the Jew-filter of the national media and fall under the Jew-magnifier. Shrieks of horror and outrage would ring out for weeks. But when a Decent Brown Male murders a White girl the response is near complete silence. This Jew-filter exists throughout the Western world – it’s at work in the United States in a murder that, like Kimberly Fuller’s, is only receiving local attention:

He was the poster child for child immigrants. He fled his native land for freedom and was abused by his U.S. handlers, only to find real freedom in West Michigan. Now, he has been charged with murder and much more. Nineteen-year-old Edwin Lario-Muñoz is accused of strangling to death 28-year-old Silvia Sanchez and her unborn child at her Grand Rapids home on October 14. Sanchez’ husband, Leoncio Garcia-Lopez, testified he came home that afternoon and found his wife dead on their kitchen floor. (, 16th December 2005)

When Muñoz was the “poster child for child immigrants” and receiving national coverage, one of his biggest supporters was the Jewish senator Dianne Feinstein. Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers of the United States were anti-Semites to a man, like all sensible Whites. What would they think of this picture of a Jewess at the heart of American government?

Dianne Feinstein, Jewish traitor to America

Yapping Jewess lectures Whites

The answer is simple: They would be rightly horrified by it and rightly diagnose a deep sickness in the American body politic. If they were alive today and tried to protest about Jews running wild in a White nation, they’d find themselves up against the Jew-filter. They’d be vilified as hate-criminals and enemies of the American Way they themselves founded. But the Jew-filter doesn’t work perfectly and isn’t yet all-powerful. I suspect – and hope – that some White journalists are beginning to rebel against it. The following image from The Daily Telegraph in London may have been carefully chosen to send a message otherwise absent from the current scandal about NuLiebour’s chief Jew, “Lord” Levy, selling honors for cash:

Jewish vampire ‘Sir’ David Garrard

Tony Bliar’s Jewish fundraiser Michael Levy

Above: Gloating Jewish vampire “Sir” David Garrard
Below: Crooked Jewish fundraiser “Lord” Levy

Surprise, surprise: the photograph clearly shows that “Sir” David Garrard, the biggest crooked donor of all, is a Jew. Of the twelve men who paid money to a Jew to be made into lords, at least three more are also Jews: although they’re only 0.5% of the general population, British-based Jews are not just 33% or more of those involved in a corruption scandal but the most important figures in the scandal. Barry Townsley, who gave £1m ($1.9m) to NuLiebour, doesn’t sound like one of those Jews, but a few minutes on Google will uncover his marriage into the Isaac Wolfson business empire and his work in the charity Jewish Care with Levy, Garrard and Garrard’s former partner Andrew Rosenfeld, all part of the “cash for honors” scandal. Townsley is also a “British friend” of the Israel Center for Social and Economic Progress with Sir Ronald Cohen and Gerald Ronson, who’s widely respected in the Jewish community as chairman of the Jewish “self-defence group” the Community Security Trust.

Crooked Jews Andrew Rosenfeld, Barry ‘Townsley’
Crooked Jew Gerald Ronson (with Jewish con-man Uri Geller on left)

Above: Crooked Jews Andrew Rosenfeld and Barry “Townsley”
Below: Crooked Jew Gerald Ronson (with Uri Geller on left)

Ronson’s a multi-millionaire, of course, but has never been able to buy himself a knighthood or peerage like “Sir” Ronald Cohen and “Sir” David Garrard. It would have been difficult after he paid a big fine and spent time in jail in the 1980s for his part with three other Jews in the Guinness affair, one of the biggest financial scandals ever to hit the United Kingdom.

When you look at the other really big scandals, guess what? That tiny minority of ever-loveable, ever-unjustly persecuted Jews pops up again and again, like the mega-fraudster Robert Maxwell, who was given a state funeral in Israel, and “Dame” Shirley Porter, who is now living in exile in Israel after spending huge sums gerrymandering votes in London. Then there’s the psychotically greedy and dishonest slum landlord Peter Rachman in the 1960s and the Jewish crooks who were part of an earlier honors scandal involving the Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson in 1976. Wilson had been a Jew-friend for a long time by then – this will sound very familiar to anyone who’s studied the Jewish looting of Russia when communism collapsed:

Harold Wilson was President of the Board of Trade from 1947-51. The few people who could get permission from the Board of Trade to import heavily rationed raw materials or finished goods were in a good position to become vastly rich. Among the lucky few who got licenses were [Jews] Montague Meyer, Joe Kagan and Rudy Sternberg. Kagan and Sternberg later became peers [and Kagan was jailed for fraud]. (Was Wilson working for Russia or Israel?)

Corruption, thy name is Kike. Again and again in history one simple truth shines out: Giving Jews power and influence is a guaranteed way to rot, undermine and destroy the foundations of a society. Even when Jews aren’t personally corrupt they cover up for their criminal brethren and support the Jew-filter that prevents Whites discussing the central role of Jews in countless examples of fraud and corruption throughout the West. Accordingly, Jewish vampires like David Garrard will continue to suck White blood and to pull the strings of governments destroying the West through mass immigration.

Those who protest against this invasion find Jews at work against them too, even from beyond the grave. Take Professor Frank Ellis of Leeds University in Yorkshire, who is now suspended for raising the forbidden topic of genetic influences on the IQ and behavior of different races. A group known as Unite Against Fascism (UAF) is at the forefront of the fight to take Ellis’s freedom of speech away. UAF is a front for the Socialist Workers Party, a far-left cult created by the late Tony Cliff, real name Yigael Gluckstein, to apply the White-destroying principles of the late Leon Trotsky, real name Lev Bronstein.

And when liberal Whites attack Ellis’s “odious” views, they refer again and again to the late Stephen Jay Gould and his book The Mismeasure of Man, a magisterial “demolition” of the idea that racial differences in IQ have any significance. Gould’s reputation among real scientists is very low and sinking fast; among scientifically illiterate liberals he’s still a shining hero of the struggle against racism. To me he’s just another lying kike. We Whites can have survival or we can have Jews. We can’t have both. Choose Jews and we lose – it’s as simple as that.



News just in about the crooked Jews David Garrard and Andrew Rosenfeld discussed above (both formerly strong supporters of the Conservative party):

Deputy PM’s £500m deal for Labour’s secret lenders

[Deputy Prime Minister] John Prescott gave the go-ahead for a firm of developers to build an enormous shopping centre months after the owners of the company secretly gave Labour a £3.3 million [$5.6m] loan. Sir David Garrard and Andrew Rosenfeld, the “Minerva Two”, won the backing of the Deputy Prime Minister, to build a £500 million [$850m] retail centre in Croydon, south London, which will become one of the country’s 10 biggest shopping malls. ... As the new revelations emerged, there were also protests from former staff of Allders, whose flagship Croydon store was at the centre of Minerva’s plans for its Bluewater-style development. While Sir David was chairman of Minerva, Allders collapsed, leaving 3,500 staff with an estimated £70 million [$119m] shortfall in their pension fund. ... It also emerged yesterday that Sir David made a £200,000 [$340,000] donation to Labour in 2003 shortly after lodging a planning application to build the 50-storey Minerva Tower, the tallest building in the City of London. The building was referred to Mr Prescott’s department for final approval six months after the loan but the Deputy Prime Minister decided not to “call in” the application for detailed scrutiny despite widespread opposition. (The Daily Telegraph, 26th March 2006)

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