Luke O’Farrell earlier today     1st MAY 2005

My Heroes on the Left

Ken, Vlad and George

Cars, cars, cars, cars, cars. I hate the damn things. They’re like Jews: everywhere you go, you’ll find them making a noise and destroying your country. Cars make life dirty, dangerous, and stinking all over the world, and that’s my first reason for admiring Ken Livingstone, the left-wing mayor of London. He stood up to the car by introducing a “congestion charge” there – a kind of tax designed to reclaim the streets for people and keep as many cars away as possible.

My second reason for admiring Red Ken is that he’s stood up to the Jews themselves. Accosted on the street in February 2005 by a Jewish reporter, he likened said reporter to a “concentration camp guard.” Oy veh! All over Britain, God’s Chosen choked on their bagels. Although many Jews served as concentration camp guards under communism, the Jews-media keep shtum about that and always portray Jews as the Eternal Victim. Livingstone was assailed from all quarters for his blasphemy and I for one expected that he’d end up issuing a groveling apology.

He didn’t. He refused to apologize and the Jews eventually gave up whining, like a car disappearing into the distance. They won’t have forgotten or forgiven – Jews love grudges almost as much as they love money and power – but he’s defied them and got away with it. Under communism in the 1920s or ’30s, he’d have been arrested and shot or sent to one of those Jew-run concentration camps we never hear about. As it is, he’s still with us, because Jews in Britain don’t have the power Jews had in the early years of the Soviet Union.

My second hero on the left comes from the last years of the Soviet Union: Vladimir Putin. He was once an agent in the KGB, but when Jew-spawned and Jew-infested communism collapsed, he watched as the so-called “oligarchs” emerged from the wreckage with huge fortunes made in corrupt deals with their brethren inside government. While Whites in Russia struggled to survive, these Jews sat comfortably on billions of dollars. Think about that: as $1000 is to $1, so a billion dollars is to a million. Putin thought about it and when he became President of Russia he set about clipping the wings of these Jewish vultures. Mikhail Khodorkovsky, owner of the oil company Yukos, was arrested and imprisoned for tax evasion, and other oligarchs fled overseas. Inevitably enough several ended up in Israel, where a popular TV series called The Oligarchs has been celebrating their bloodsucking in Russia.

Israel was only two years old when the third of my left-wing heroes died in 1950, and I’d dearly like to know what he would have made of her history since then. George Orwell loved nature, hated lies and deceit, and tried to write clear, simple, truthful English, which makes him very un-Jewish. That’s why it’s interesting that people have been accusing him of “anti-Semitism” since the 1930s. In Down and Out in Paris and London (1933), for example, every story he tells about Jews is negative in some way. I think he was reporting the truth rather than trying to attack Jews, but “truth is no defence” when God’s Chosen are offended, and in 1945 Orwell apparently felt guilty enough to write an article called “Antisemitism in Britain” for the Contemporary Jewish Review.

It’s a very interesting read: Orwell describes anti-Semitism as widespread, says it has been “greatly exacerbated” by the war, and admits that he is infected with it himself. But he can offer no good explanation of where it comes from, calls it “irrational”, and says it won’t be “cured” until the “larger disease of nationalism” is cured. It’s as though he’s struggling to convince himself that anti-Semitism is wrong, and that struggle seems to have continued in his most famous work, Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949). In this, Jews are pathetic victims: Winston Smith sees a Jewish woman blown up on film at the cinema and Big Brother’s despised enemy Goldstein, with his “lean, Jewish face”, says that the revolution “has been betrayed.” Orwell seems to be trying to tell us that Jews aren’t responsible for the tyranny imposed by “IngSoc” (English Socialism) on “Airstrip One” (Britain). No, they’re victims of it too.

But the world of Nineteen Eighty-Four, a hell for Gentiles, is a Jewish paradise. Jews don’t understand the idea of privacy or individual freedom. They’re group animals who love interfering in other people’s lives, they define “truth” as “vot’s good for us” and, just like the rulers in Nineteen Eighty-Four, they can’t bear the idea of people thinking for themselves. Orwell invented a term for it: “Thought Crime.” In Nineteen Eighty-Four, the police hunt you down and arrest you not for what you do, but for what you think.

Fifty years on, Orwell’s satire about Thought Crime and state-defined “truth” in Britain has become reality. On 30 March 2005 Simon Sheppard, the owner of the Heretical website, had his front door broken down by police following orders from the Home Office. His home was then invaded and he was arrested and handcuffed. He then had to watch as his home was searched and its contents photographed before being taken away for further investigation. It was truly an attack on ideas: the items removed by the police were books, computers, hard drives, and floppy discs.

And why did this happen? Not because of anything Sheppard had done, but because of what he’d thought and said. Fifty years ago, Orwell wrote about the Thought Police. In 2005, we actually have the Thought Police. And guess who they are working for? Right first time: the Jews. Sheppard was raided and had his home ransacked and property seized because he was selling a comic satirizing the “Holocaust.” He had thought for himself and rejected the Jewish version of history, and the Jews hate people who do that. They want every one of us to think exactly what we are told to think, and they want to punish anyone who doesn’t. Orwell understood the Jewish mentality and Nineteen Eighty-Four is his vision of the world Jews will create for us if we let them.

After all, when Orwell drew up his “infamous” list of suspected communist agents and fellow-travelers towards the end of his life, he indulged in what the British historian Timothy Garton Ash describes as “ethnic labelling”: that is, he noted that eight people on his list were Jewish. Ash, a self-righteous half-wit straight out of liberal central casting, was “shocked” by this and shed a pious tear over Orwell’s “prejudice.” Thanks to decades of Jewish propaganda, that’s what we’ve come to in White nations: being honest and stating the truth about Jews is “prejudice” and “hate.” In fact, it’s more than that: as Simon Sheppard can tell you, being honest and stating the truth about Jews is actually illegal.


For further details of the Israeli TV series celebrating Jewish bloodsucking in Russia, please see this report by the Israeli writer Uri Avnery: “The Oligarchs.”

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