Luke O’Farrell earlier today     15th April 2007

Feral Peril

Working towards a White-Free World

A night-time curfew on ordinary whites enforced by thousands of newly recruited, heavily armed ethnic police. A 50% tax on the earnings of ordinary whites to pay for the installation of 24/7 CCTV in their homes. And all ordinary whites to lie flat on their faces and grovel whenever approached by a non-white. Those just and reasonable measures would probably be in place right now if the recent series of murders in London had been white-on-black rather than black-on-black. Losing so much human potential is bad enough – one of the dead youths was a “talented rap musician” – but at least we know that black killers, and indeed black criminals of any kind, are never responsible for their actions. White racism, the poverty caused by white racism, and the legacy of white-invented slavery drive blacks to crime by corrupting their innate goodness, gentleness and decency.

But if a white even looks sideways at a black – let alone lifts a finger to do that precious black harm – there is no possible excuse and we must take the severest measures in response. Yes, liberal policies on race are based on a scrupulously fair division of vice and virtue. It’s a 50/50 split: Whites have all the vice and non-whites all the virtue. What could be fairer than that? I mean, c’mon, you’d have to be some kinda knuckle-dragging, snaggle-toothed, trailer-dwelling racist to think even for a moment that the following story says anything at all about the nature of blacks:

Girls chant “Kill him” as gang chases schoolboy then stabs him to death

Seven teenagers were questioned by police yesterday after a 16-year-old boy was chased by a mob and stabbed to death. The murder is the fifth involving black youths in London in the past few weeks. Witnesses say that teenage girls egged on the attack with shouts of “Kill him, kill him” before the victim, named last night as Kodjo Yenga, was surrounded. At one point Kodjo raised his arms to fend off blows from sticks. The suspects being held include four 13-year-olds, two 15-year-olds and a man aged 21.

One witness said: “There were about 15 black youths hanging around by the shops. There were girls and boys aged 15 or 16 wearing school blazers. They were getting very rowdy and the girls especially were shouting aggressively.” [Another witness] said that she saw Kodjo being followed and insulted by the group. She said: “There was a group of boys and about three girls. This black boy was in front of them. It looked like he was trying to get away. The girls were screaming, ‘Kill him, kill him.’” (The Times, 16th March 2007)

There is only one race: the human race. Indeed, there is only one form of life: DNA-based life. All of us – human beings, rats, bacteria – are part of the same big family and discriminating against blacks because they look and act a bit different is as superficial and ignorant as discriminating against rats because they look and act a bit different too. Far more unites humans and rats than divides us. Don’t rats bleed red blood just like us? Don’t they want what’s best for their kids just like us? Don’t they need food, water and shelter just like us?

Okay, you might occasionally hear of a rat biting a human, but that’s wholly unrepresentative of the wider rat community. The vast majority of rats are quiet, peaceful creatures who never bite anyone in their lives and just want the chance to improve their lot and raise a happy, healthy family. Exactly the same is true of the superficially different “races” of Homo sapiens, as Britain’s wise and far-sighted prime minister Tony Blair has pointed out:

Tony Blair justifying his existence

Britain’s black communities must speak out against gang culture, Tony Blair has said as he renewed promises of tough action in the wake of a series of murders of young people. The Prime Minister insisted recent “severe disorder” was not a symptom of a wider social problem but caused by individuals who needed to be “taken out of circulation.” It would take “significantly toughened” knife and gun laws, intensive police work and the denunciation of the culprits’ communities, he told an audience in Cardiff. Mr Blair said tackling violence was the “missing dimension” to an otherwise successful regeneration of Britain’s cities.

Delivering the Callaghan Memorial Lecture, the PM said: “In respect of knife and gun gangs, the laws need to be significantly toughened. There needs to be an intensive police focus, on these groups. The ring-leaders need to be identified and taken out of circulation; if very young, as some are, put in secure accommodation. The black community – the vast majority of whom in these communities are decent, law-abiding people horrified at what is happening – need to be mobilised in denunciation of this gang culture that is killing innocent young black kids. But we won’t stop this by pretending it isn’t young black kids doing it.” (The Daily Telegraph, 11th April 2007)

No pretending, d’ya hear? A few of their youngsters may misbehave, but you’ve got to understand that the vast majority of blacks are decent, law-abiding people. That’s why Tony Blair has to tell them to speak out against murder. That’s why “gang culture” has grown and flourished among blacks not just in Britain but across the Western world. That’s why handing prosperous white-run Rhodesia over to blacks has created the starving police-state of Zimbabwe. It’s all because the vast majority of blacks are decent, law-abiding people.

Well, if you believe they are, please get in touch for details of the elixir of eternal life I’ve recently invented. Only $5 a bottle! Buy two, get one free! Yep, listening to Blair denounce “pretense” is a highly surreal experience. His entire career has been based on pretense. The picture that accompanied the article above showed him in characteristic pose: mouth open, venting hot air. The French philosopher René Descartes reasoned: Cogito ergo sum – “I think therefore I am.” Bliar reasons: Loquor ergo sum – “I speak therefore I am.” He then confirms his existence by passing more authoritarian laws.

It’s true that his speech is evidence that the ice is breaking on race – perhaps his focus-groups are reporting that British whites are finally waking up – but Bliar still believes firmly in the Central Dogma of Liberalism: that words control the world. Like all other liberals, he thinks that saying a thing makes it so. “Race doesn’t exist.” “Whites and non-whites are identical under the skin.” “Drastically changing the racial composition of Europe and America is all for the best.” Say the words and the world will follow. So liberals think, and if you think different, they’ll make you suffer for it. Take a look at another story about feral black behavior:

Our boy was betrayed: Family’s agony over hounded father shot dead at home

The family of a young father gunned down on his doorstep after a seven-month campaign of intimidation last night accused police of betraying him. Bradley Tucker, 18, faces a life term after he was found guilty yesterday of murdering Peter Woodhams. But Mr Woodhams would still be alive if police had done their job properly, his father said. The 22-year-old TV satellite engineer was shot in the heart last August in front of his fiancée – 24-year-old classroom assistant Jane Bowden – and their three-year-old son Sam after a campaign of intimidation by a gang known as the Royal List Thugs. In January last year he had been slashed across the face in a confrontation with the same group of youths in East London. No one was charged with the knifing, which left Mr Woodhams permanently scarred, and the gang continued their harassment of the young father and his family. (The Daily Mail, 28th March 2007)

Peter Woodhams, white victim Bradley Tucker, black killer

Months of harassment, then casual murder
L-R: Peter Woodhams, Bradley Tucker

Many people have pointed out that there would have been one very quick and simple way for the white victim to get lots of police attention: by using “racist language” against his non-white victimizers. If he’d called them “black bastards”, the police would have come running on the double. If he’d called them “niggers”, the army would probably have been sent for. I mean, slashing someone across the face is just body-crime. Racism is thought-crime – much more serious. It completely contradicts the mission statement of the Jew-owned company that presently runs the West:

Working towards a White-Free World

The rule governing relations between whites and non-whites is that whites must give, give and go on giving until they’ve handed everything over. When non-whites do worse than whites, shrieks of horror and outrage ring out. It’s proof positive that evil white racism is at work – that those poor oppressed ethnics are being discriminated against. So what about when non-whites do better than whites? Is that proof of discrimination against whites? Is it condemned as unacceptable? No, of course not. It’s warmly welcomed, with the proviso that we still have a long way to go:

Ethnic workers “earn more in public sector”

Ambitious ethnic minority workers should sign up for a career in the public sector – where they can expect to earn almost 10 per cent more than their white colleagues – instead of suffering pay discrimination in the business world, economists have found. After several years of government spending growth, as Labour pours cash into schools and hospitals, working in the public sector has become, on average, more rewarding than a job in business, and ethnic minority workers have done particularly well.

In a paper to be presented to the Royal Economic Society’s annual conference in Warwick this week, Monojit Chatterji and Karen Mumford find that by choosing the civil service, ethnic minorities win because they not only avoid the 7.5 per cent pay gap in the private sector but also pocket a 9.3 per cent premium over white public sector staff. “Ethnic minorities earn more than others in the public sector and substantially less than others in the private sector,” the authors say.

A spokesperson for the Commission for Racial Equality welcomed the finding that ethnic minority workers are well rewarded in the public sector, but warned that many non-white workers are still stuck at the bottom of the pile. “There’s some good news in the report that shows that the public sector has become slightly more representative of the population, but unfortunately there are still vast inequalities. In the junior roles you still find large numbers of women and ethnic minority workers and at the top you find a small amount of white, middle-class men. These problems won’t be solved overnight and it’s worrying to see how far we need to go,” the CRE spokesperson said. (The Observer, 8th April 2007)

Tony Bliar denouncing “pretense” is surreal. So is a “spokesperson” for the Commission for Racial Equality welcoming news of racial inequality: non-whites earning nearly 10% more than whites. But “Orwellian” is an even better description of the CRE. In the fictional Britain of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, the Ministry of Peace worked for war, the Ministry of Plenty for famine, and the Ministry of Love for pain and misery. In Tony Bliar’s real Britain, the Commission for Racial Equality works for racial inequality. Why are non-whites paid more than whites in the public sector? Simple: because objective standards of performance and behavior are not applied to them there. They get jobs because of their skin-color and they won’t lose those jobs unless they go too far even for the fawning liberals who hired them. Stories like this are all too familiar on both sides of the Atlantic:

Jail sentence for NHS fraudster

Nigerian Joseph Oduguwa, one of Britain’s countless black criminals

A “greedy” hospital manager who helped steal £585,000 [$995,000] from an NHS [National Health Service] trust has been jailed for four years. Joy Henry, 47, was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court for her part in the fraud, believed to be one of the biggest against a single NHS trust. She siphoned money from King’s College NHS Trust over four years, and split the proceeds with her then boyfriend. Henry, a member of the trust’s in-house employment service, added a string of “ghost workers” to the payroll. She then pocketed some of the money they earned. Much of the money had been spent on luxury items, including an Audi convertible car, several holidays in her native Nigeria and many first-class trips to the US. Some £155,000 of the money was said to have been handed to her former boyfriend, Joseph Oduguwa, 42, who is believed to have fled to Nigeria. (BBC News, 24th February 2006)

Five years’ jail for compulsive liar who posed as forensic expert

Gene Morrison, black ‘forensic expert’

A [black] conman who built his career posing as a forensic expert to dupe victims out of thousands of pounds was jailed for five years yesterday, as police began the task of re-investigating 700 cases in which he was involved. Gene Morrison, 48, bluffed and lied his way through hundreds of trials, for almost three decades, fooling judges, barristers, solicitors and their clients into believing he was qualified. He left school with no qualifications but gave evidence in cases involving armed robbery, rape, death by dangerous driving, unexplained death, drugs offences and questioned paternity. His methods, relying heavily on using bone fide experts and then charging clients double, were unorthodox and unprofessional. He had told one grieving couple that the unexplained death of their son was suicide and charged them £16,500 [$31,000] for work they had never commissioned. (The Guardian, 23rd February 2007)

Prescott employee and wife jailed for £800,000 swindle

I couldn’t find a real picture of Robert Adewunmi, but he probably looks something like this

A former employee of [the government minister] John Prescott’s office who created a fake housing association to steal £867,000 [$1,470,000] has been jailed for four years. Robert Adewunmi, 32, pretended to be a chartered accountant to get his job and then funded a “lavish lifestyle” for himself and his wife with the money he stole. His wife, Tami, 33, who was a director and secretary of the housing association, was jailed for six months. The couple bought a house in Slough, three in Florida, a timeshare in Florida, a conservatory for their home, cars and three plots of land in Epsom with the stolen money. They also bought a £43,000 investment portfolio, a £10,000 bed, £9,000 of computer equipment, £3,000 of family portraits and photographs, and paid £10,000 off their mortgage.

The court had heard that Mr Adewunmi obtained a job in the budget and data management department of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister as a trouble-shooter in August 2003 by claiming to be a qualified chartered accountant. But although he had registered as a student with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, he would have had to have passed a further 14 exams to qualify. A month later he invented RTR Housing Association and began making payments to it. Several of the couple’s friends and relations were listed as directors of the housing association. (The Daily Telegraph, 10th March 2006)

Meanwhile, our vibrant Muslim community help keep Britain booming with suicide-bombs. Even liberals couldn’t ignore that sign of how their racial pieties have failed, so the government commissioned a report into how we can “teach Britishness.” Its fatuous proposals have now been condemned by yet another of countless non-whites who have gained their positions not on their merit or intelligence, but on their skin-color:

Britishness lessons “fuel racism”

Baljeet Ghale, leading NUT

The first ethnic minority president of the National Union of Teachers has said ministers fuel racism by ordering schools to teach “British values.” London assistant head teacher Baljeet Ghale told the union’s annual conference that Britain did not have a monopoly on free speech and tolerance. The move only fuelled the “shadow of racism” behind some notions of Britishness, she said. A government spokesman dismissed her claims as “nonsense.”

Ms Ghale, who came to England from Kenya at the age of eight, also criticised Labour’s record on other education issues. She said Education Secretary Alan Johnson had described the “values we hold very dear in Britain” as “free speech, tolerance, respect for the rule of law.” “Well, in what way, I’d like to know, are these values that are not held by the peoples of other countries?” she asked. It was another example of government making policy without talking to those it would most affect. She wanted an education system that valued diversity and accepted her right to support Tottenham Hotspur [a soccer team in London] – but France in the European Cup, Brazil in the World Cup, Kenya in the Olympics and India in cricket but England in the Ashes [a cricket competition against Australia]. She went on: “None of my affiliations make me a less valuable person or less committed to being part of this society, but they do make me a global citizen.”

In her wider attack on Labour’s record, the NUT president gave examples of failures in the school rebuilding programme, such as a new roof on part of a school being removed because the supplier had not been paid. She said the money being spent on academies should be spread more widely around the system and she highlighted the smaller class sizes enjoyed by pupils in Cuba. She called for the end of national testing and league tables and accused the government of having a negative and low expectation of pupils. (BBC News, 7th April 2007)

You might have thought it impossible to make Labour’s proposals look sensible and intelligent, but this ethnic high-flier managed it with ease. She told her audience – packed with fawning white liberals – that she’d like to know “in what way” values like free speech and tolerance are ”not held by the peoples of other countries.” She then “highlighted the smaller class sizes enjoyed by pupils in Cuba.” Did any of those fawning white liberals ask themselves whether free speech and tolerance are firmly held values in Cuba? Or Zimbabwe? Or Burma? I very much doubt it. They were almost certainly too busy waiting to leap to their feet for the “standing ovation” that Ghale had an inalienable right, as a vibrant ethnic half-wit, to receive at the end of her speech.

And do you think Ghale herself believes in free speech and tolerance? Yeah, about as much as rattlesnakes believe in turning the other cheek. But I agree with her that there are very serious problems in British education. And not just British education. She herself is an excellent symbol of the most serious problem of all: the presence of non-whites in Western schools. If you’ve been fortunate enough to escape the reality, imagine what it must be like for white children to share a school with feral blacks or almost equally feral Muslims or Hispanics. White liberals certainly know what it’s like. That’s why they ensure their own children don’t go to ethnically enriched schools. But “White Flight” is as rational as escaping a fire on the first floor by climbing to the second floor and hoping the fire won’t follow you. Well, unless someone puts it out, it will follow you. And unless someone puts out the fire of mass immigration and ethnic enrichment, it will follow liberals no matter how high they climb. The West is on fire and letting ethnic arsonists like Bradley Tucker, Robert Adewunmi and Baljeet Ghale remain here is a sure way to keep it burning.


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