Luke O’Farrell earlier today     1 SEPTEMBER 2005

Tied Up and Drowning

How Midgets Are Murdering a Giant

Is God on our side? I’m starting to think not only that He is, but that He’s planting jokes for us in the media. First, meet Dr John Sentamu, who is, as the Malaysians say, black as Adam’s shit (Whites must have infected them with racism during colonial days). He’s also ready to become the new Archbishop of York, with a salary of $130,000 a year paid by Whites, a rent-free “medieval palace” designed and built by Whites, and a luxurious chauffeur-driven car invented and manufactured by Whites. Quite a change from the days he had to flee Uganda and the mass-murdering black cannibal Idi Amin, and you might expect him to be suitably grateful to the stale, pale, hideously male Church of England for letting him enjoy the very best fruits of White ingenuity and labor.

Yes, you might expect it – if you didn’t know niggers better. On Monday 29th August Dr Sentamu appeared in one of Britain’s national newspapers with the following tale of woe:

The Church of England is infected with institutional racism and is still a place of “pain” for many black Anglicans, according to its first black archbishop. Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop-designate of York, has used the foreword of a new book implicitly to criticise fellow Church leaders for failing to deal properly with discrimination. The book, Rejection, Resistance and Resurrection: Speaking Out On Racism in the Church, is a hard-hitting account of the rejection felt by many black Anglicans.

Written by Mukti Barton, the adviser on black and Asian ministries to the Bishop of Birmingham, Dr Sentamu’s present post, it describes racism as a “deadly poison” often unconsciously spread by white Christians. Dr Sentamu, who is to launch the book in Birmingham cathedral next month, said in the foreword: “The stories in this book speak of the pain of what it is to undergo institutional racism. The cost is in terms of the lives of people who are hampered in their growth into the image of God created in them.” (The Daily Telegraph, 29th August 2005)

So let’s sum up: the Whites in the Church of England are “infected” with “racism” and spread a “deadly poison” that inflicts “pain” and “cost” on their black brethren. Got that? Okay, here’s why I think God is planting jokes in the media for our side. On the same day in the same paper, there was a story about what had happened at a christening in London at the weekend:

A woman holding a baby was shot dead yesterday after she challenged a gang of armed robbers who had raided a christening party. The victim, who was not the child’s mother, was hit in the head at point-blank range. Relatives of the child and friends were celebrating at a community centre in Peckham, south London, on Saturday night when three hooded men armed with a sawn-off shotgun and a pistol burst in and began stealing bags and mobile telephones from the 100 guests. When the victim, believed to be a 34-year-old mother-of-two, stood up to the robbers she was shot immediately.

A relative of the child said: “She was carrying the baby who had been christened but that didn’t bother them. The man who was holding the shotgun just turned towards her, raised the barrel and put a bullet in her head. She fell to the floor and there was loads of blood everywhere. It all happened in about two minutes, but seemed like much longer. Everyone who was there is in total shock.” A young mother who lives on the estate said: “To be honest, it just isn’t a surprise. There is so much trouble round here – shootings, stabbings and rapes.” (The Daily Telegraph, 29th August 2005)

Will any Heretical reader need telling what color all those involved were? No, I didn’t think so. The murdered woman had escaped one black-created hellhole, Sierra Leone, only to end up dead in another black-created hellhole in what was once a law-abiding White nation. Those responsible were soon in custody: four black males with IQs of 14, 16, 19, and 33 – no, sorry, hang on. Those are their ages, not their IQs. Still, it’s an understandable mistake: maybe they’d have got away with the robbery if they hadn’t killed someone at the same time, but the speed of the arrests suggests that they’re fine examples of black psychopathy and black stupidity.

Anyway, here’s my message for Dr John Sentamu, straight from the man who founded his religion:

You hypocrite, first cast the beam out of your own eye; and then you will see clearly to take the speck of dust out of your brother’s eye. (Matthew 7:5)

In other words: rather than waste your time whining about what honkies do to niggers, why not worry about the much worse things that niggers do to niggers? And why not thank Whites for all those things – airplanes, cars, computers, telephones, medieval palaces – that blacks like you are happy to take from Whites but could never have created for yourselves?

Sentamu won’t do either, of course, because if he did that he’d be opposing the real institutional racism infecting Britain: institutional racism against Whites. In my last column I mentioned a very rare event: a black was murdered by Whites. I also said that the black would continue to get special attention while the White victim of a black thug faded rapidly into oblivion. Well, the black was buried in Liverpool on 25th August and the “hideously white” B.B.C. – as it was called by one of its own directors – broadcast the entire funeral live on one of its state-funded channels. Do you think the funeral of that murdered black woman is going to be broadcast live? Or the funeral of any White murdered by blacks or Asians, however violently and brutally?

Of course not, because that wouldn’t fit the decades-old Judeo-liberal agenda: to attack Whites in general and White men in particular. “Bishop” Sentamu, like countless other professional ethnics in Western countries, has made a comfortable living bashing Whitey, and he’s not going to stop of his own accord. Then again, why should he? Even apart from the money he makes, hypocrisy is very easy for humans. It’s much easier to accept evil from our own side than it is to accept evil from outsiders.

That’s why multi-racial societies are inherently unstable and lead inevitably to hatred and conflict. When the official policy of government and media is to blame all problems on one race – Whites – it’s just pouring more gasoline on the fire. Blacks in Britain are murdered far more often and in far worse ways by other blacks than they are by Whites, but a single White-on-black murder generates infinitely more coverage than dozens of black-on-black murders. And that black who shot a woman in the head didn’t really pull the trigger.

No, the White racism that made him poor and stupid pulled it for him by remote control. Non-white criminals are innocents corrupted by White evil and if Britain is paradise compared to non-white countries, it’s only because Whites have stolen so much from non-whites for so many centuries. That’s the constant message of the media and though it’s only words and images, it’s tied Whites down in the same way as Gulliver was tied down by the midget Lilliputians in that famous scene from Gulliver’s Travels (1726).

Rackham picture of Gulliver tied down by Lilliputians

If he’d been free Gulliver could have defeated the Lilliputians with ease, but he’d been caught while he was unconscious and woken up to find himself helpless. That’s the situation Whites now face: we’re giants waking up to find ourselves tied down by midgets with ropes of “racism” and “hate.” But midgets like John Sentamu and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and all the rest of the well-rewarded anti-racist crew aren’t the important ones. No, the important ones are those who made the ropes and taught niggers and pakis how to use them against us. If you want to know who that is, here’s the White nationalist Alex Linder with another excellent metaphor:

Dealing with the Jews means dealing with the problem itself, whereas everything else is mopping the floor while the tap’s still running.

The White race, which has created the world’s greatest works of art and intellect and the world’s richest and freest societies, is now tied up and drowning, and unless Whites fight to break free, Jews will soon be laughing over its dripping corpse.


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