Luke O’Farrell earlier today     14 MARCH 2005

Tortured, Beaten, Burnt Alive

Another White Victim, Another Jews-Media Blackout

The Japanese are a lucky people. Their islands haven’t been blessed with an abundance of natural resources, but like Whites they’ve managed to build a rich and unique civilization of their own. Unlike Whites, however, they won’t have to fight to keep their civilization, because though they haven’t been blessed with the presence of oil and minerals, they have been blessed with the absence of something else.

No Jews! Japan has no Jews, or at least it has very few of them, living as foreigners and not able to worm their way into power and give their fellow Jews a hand up beside them. Accordingly, the Japanese weren’t tricked by Jews into opening the floodgates of foreign immigration in the 1960s, and when the Japanese economy went stagnant in the 1990s there were no Jews whispering mendaciously in their ears: “Ve know vot you should do. Increase immigration. Immigration vill make you rich again.” No, that didn’t happen. The Japanese quite rightly believe in keeping Japan for themselves, and without Jews they’ve managed to do so.

Other benefits have flowed from the absence of Jews, of course. Not only have the Japanese managed to keep their homeland, they’ve managed to keep their freedom. They haven’t had Jews making laws telling them what they can’t think and say about certain topics. Racism and the Cult of the Holy Holocaust aren’t big topics in Japan, and the Japanese can happily make comments about other races and the HoHo that would get Whites into serious trouble. Whites have to be careful what they say about other races not just because the Jews have passed laws against “hate”, but also because so many of those other races are now living in White homelands. Naturally enough, the Jews have taught those other races to shriek “Racism!” at every opportunity.

Take the British liberal Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (please!). Like Trevor Phillips of the Commission for Flying Pigs and Racial Equality, she’s a professional ethnic – someone who gains a lot of money and fame by lecturing Whites on their wicked racist ways. Her Indian-Muslim family was expelled from Uganda by the psychotic black cannibal Idi Amin, who obviously had his lucid moments, and though Yasmin isn’t much of a Muslim any more, commentary on Muslim affairs is her professional shtick. She’s always wailing about the way White racism and “Islamophobia” hold Britain’s teeming Muslim population back, but because she’s also a feminist – you’d know that as soon as you saw a picture of her – she can’t resist bashing Muslim men too.

That means she says things about them that no White journalist would ever dare say, revealing the truth about where the problems of Britain’s Muslims really come from. It’s not White racism and “Islamophobia” that hold them back, it’s their own primitive, corrupt, violent culture – which, as any fool could have predicted but white liberals didn’t, they brought with them when the Jews allowed them to come flooding in from Pakistan and Bangladesh. Here’s an example of how Yasmin’s male-bashing reveals the truth about Britain’s Muslims. She’s describing the British general election of 2001 in Bradford, which will soon be one of the first British cities to have a non-white majority:

I spent two utterly dispiriting days trailing along behind the five Asian candidates in Bradford West. None of them deserved to win a seat on a local school board, let alone a seat in Parliament. No women were at any of their political meetings and women I spoke to in the streets (in Urdu and surreptitiously) said in resigned voices that they would vote for the person their religious and community leaders told them to. In women’s groups in Bradford there was loathing for the candidates and their minders who intimidated their members. The game played in such areas is of ethnic entryism. This depends on an unholy pact which is understood by all parties. Asian candidates deliver votes in big bags provided they are not scrutinised too much by the local parties.

Sounds bad, doesn’t it? But of course Yasmin adds: “In the name of equality, black, Asian and Muslim politicians have the same right to be as flawed, corrupt and shady as white politicians.” That is a piece of dishonesty worthy of a Jew: flawed, corrupt, and shady as White politicians certainly are in Britain, they are easily surpassed by Asian – meaning Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Indian – politicians here and overseas. Bribery is not yet an essential part of local and national politics in Britain as it is in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, though no doubt we’ll get there as the blessings of multi-culturalism increase. Mass immigration by Asians has imported Asian politics, which are hugely corrupt.

And highly violent. Violence is another part of the “diversity” Muslims in particular have brought to Britain. Young Muslim males are now heavily involved in the drugs trade and are committing murders and assaults at nearly the level of blacks. But just as in the United States, rare White-on-minority crimes in Britain receive hugely more attention than common minority-on-White ones. An example of the double-standard: in 1993 a young black called Stephen Lawrence was stabbed by White “racists” and bled to death at a bus-stop in London. It’s not certain his attackers meant to kill him or what their real motives were, but more than a decade later his death is still receiving regular attention in the British Jews-media. Many millions of pounds have been spent in vain attempts to find and convict those responsible, money which could have solved or prevented many other murders.

Now switch to the Scottish city of Glasgow. Like Bradford, London, and many other parts of Britain, Glasgow has been blessed with lots of Muslims and lots of the accompanying corruption, drug-dealing, and violence. In 2004, a Muslim gang went looking for revenge because a White had hit one of them in a fight. They wanted a White victim – any White victim. They found one: a fifteen-year-old schoolboy called Kriss Donald who they didn’t know and who didn’t know them. They dragged him off the street into their silver Mercedes – Muslims hate Whites but love White inventions – and drove off with him to an improvised torture-chamber. For several hours they beat and tortured him – the full details have not been made public, but among other horrors he is said to have been castrated – before soaking him in gasoline and setting him on fire. His naked, badly burnt, mutilated corpse was later found dumped on wasteland.

The reaction of Britain’s Jews-media? Very, very muted. If you hadn’t been paying attention, it would have been easy to overlook what was one of the most vicious and sadistic murders ever committed in Britain, and the trial of some of those responsible – others fled to Pakistan – received very little attention outside Scotland.

But it’s easy to imagine what would have happened if a group of Whites had murdered a Muslim or a black with even a fraction of that viciousness and sadism. The shrieks of Jew-orchestrated horror and outrage would still be ringing in our ears, and Britain’s Whites would still be being whipped and stoned for their appalling racism. As it is, it suits the Jews-media to keep quiet and conceal the truth in Britain as they conceal the truth throughout the Western world: that mass immigration by Muslims and other non-whites has been a disaster whose genocidal effects are just beginning.


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