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Doc Croc

Honkies, Haiti and the Highway to Hell

Africa is the richest and most advanced continent on earth. Don’t believe me? Then you obviously know nothing about economics and history. Liberals tell us that Britain and America owe their vast riches and sky-high living standards directly to slavery. But slavery not only existed in Africa long before Whitey ever appeared there, it still exists there now. So if we’ve benefited so much from the tears and toil of brutally mistreated blacks, Africa must have benefited even more. And it must still be benefiting! That’s the conclusion that flows inexorably from liberal logic: not only is slavery very, very wicked, it is very, very beneficial to the economy. Without it Britain and America would still be almost in the Stone Age. So how can slave-owning black Africans have failed to enjoy a similar boost? Well, somehow they did. Africa’s not the richest and most advanced continent on earth, but the poorest and most backward. Liberal logic about slavery doesn’t seem to work.

It’s not designed to, of course. The point, as ever, is to create guilt in whites and grievance in non-whites, thereby advancing the glorious day on which white power is finally smashed and we enter multi-racial Paradise. But there again liberal logic seems to fail. According to liberals, all humans are the same under the skin and all apparent differences between us are explained by environment. So it’s pure chance that whites have been oppressing non-whites rather than vice versa. Non-whites differ from whites only in skin color and other superficial ways, so they have exactly the same capacity to oppress and exploit. Whites did those things when they had power over non-whites, which is why liberals worked so hard to free countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa from white control. But if whites lose power to non-whites in Europe and America, it follows inexorably by liberal logic that non-whites will begin to oppress and exploit whites.

So liberals can’t support the mass immigration and demographic change that will make whites lose power. But liberals do support them, of course. That’s because they don’t really believe that all humans are the same under the skin. No, they actually believe, as the Jewish writer Susan Sontag so eloquently put it, that “the white race is the cancer of human history.” They want, as the Jewish academic Noel Ignatiev so reasonably demands, “to abolish the white race.” When Whitey is toppled, all problems will be over! Oppression and injustice will cease and Heaven will appear on earth. This is the shining vision that inspires “Red Ken” Livingstone, the mayor of London:

Ken Livingstone sheds tears during a speech about slavery

Ken Livingstone recognizes white wickedness

Livingstone weeps as he apologises for slavery

Ken Livingstone yesterday marked the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade with an emotional and tearful ceremonial apology on behalf of the capital city and its institutions. The London mayor wept as he told a commemorative service of the cruelties inflicted on the millions transported from Africa and the legacy that confronts them today. Before an audience of politicians, writers and dignitaries, he twice paused during his address. As he voiced the apology, the US civil rights leader the Rev Jesse Jackson walked over and placed his arm around the mayor. Mr Livingstone completed the long awaited statement, dabbing tears from his eyes, his voice shaky.

Before leaving office Tony Blair expressed “regret” for Britain’s involvement in the slave trade, but he was criticised by some – including Mr Livingstone – for not going further. In March the mayor called on the institutions to say sorry. Yesterday, to wide applause at City Hall, he said: “As mayor I offer an apology on behalf of London and its institutions for their role in the transatlantic slave trade. Some say that recognising such a crime is a form of – and I quote – ‘national self hate.’ But the late Senator Bobby Kennedy often quoted the French writer Albert Camus who wrote: ‘I should like to be able to love my country and still love justice.’”

He said London continued to benefit massively from the fortunes made by slavers. He added: “It was the racial murder of not just those who were transported but generations of enslaved African men, women and children. To justify this murder and torture black people had to be declared inferior or not human. We live with the consequences today.” The mayor, who was speaking at London’s first Annual Slavery Memorial Day ceremony, called on national leaders to accelerate their plans to have a UK-wide event each year. The date marked yesterday coincides with the great slave rebellion in Haiti on August 23 1791, and is the date preferred by Unesco. (The Guardian, 24th August 2007)

Apologizing for something you’re not responsible for. Could anything be nobler or more golden-hearted? Ken Livingstone is a prince among men, a secular saint, and I don’t mind admitting that I choked up even more when he went on to announce that, as a mark of his commitment to anti-racism, he would be resigning his candidature for the next mayoral election in favor of a one-legged black lesbian with learning difficulties.

A crocodile

“How cheerfully he seems to grin,
           How neatly spreads his claws,
   And welcomes foolish honkies in,
   With gently smiling jaws!”

Lewis Carroll (adapted)

What’s that? You don’t remember that bit? Well, okay, you’re right: I must have dreamed it, because Livingstone’s speech wasn’t designed to advance anyone’s cause but his own. He’s about as noble and golden-hearted as a crocodile and crocodile tears were what he was shedding. There are two paths to political advancement in modern Britain. One, which will get you to the very top, is to work for Jewish interests; the other, which will get you jobs like London mayor, is to work for the interests of blacks, Muslims, wimmin, “gays” and other oppressed minorities. Tony Blair chose the first route, Ken Livingstone the second. Working for white interests, on the other hand, is a sure route to obloquy and oblivion. Whites are marked for destruction and there’s lots of blood-money on offer for race-traitors who, like Bliar and Livingslime, will work to hasten the day.

Recall a phrase from the article above: “the great slave rebellion in Haiti.” It created the first black republic and, as you’d expect, Haiti is today one of the poorest and most badly governed countries on earth. But what happened to whites during the “great rebellion”? If they were lucky, they died quickly and cleanly; if they weren’t, they died like this:

The Pakistani Muslim killers of Kriss Donald – LR: Zeeshan Shahid, Faisal Mushtaq, Imran Shahid Kriss Donald

Left: Three non-white gangstas
Right: The white teenager they burned alive

During an ordeal which lasted more than four hours, [Kriss Donald] was driven 200 miles from Pollokshields, to the Parkhead area, to Dundee and then back to Glasgow. He was then driven up a dark lane to a lonely spot near the Clyde Walkway, where he was killed in a “gruesome and callous execution.” In a horrific account of his final moments, the jury was told Kriss was stabbed 13 times in a frenzied attack which severed one of his ribs, three arteries, one of his lungs, his liver and kidney. He was then doused in petrol, set alight and left to die. Evidence suggests Kriss made his way down towards the Clyde and tried to extinguish the flames by rolling around in a muddy hollow near the cycle path where he was discovered.(The Scotsman, 18th November 2004)

The gang of five blacks and one Albanian Muslim who murdered Mary-Ann Leneghan Mary-Ann Leneghan

Left: Five more non-white gangstas + one Albanian Muslim
Right: The white teenager they raped and butchered

Six men have been convicted of murdering 16-year-old Mary-Ann Leneghan, who was abducted, raped and killed in Reading. All six have also been convicted of the kidnap and attempted murder of her 18-year-old friend – who miraculously survived the horrific ordeal and gave evidence against the gang. Entering Reading Crown Court eight months later to face the accused, the teenager, now aged 19, looked defiant. The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was given the choice of sitting behind a screen while giving evidence but declined. Despite having to put up with seeing the men – now sitting surrounded by guards in the dock – sniggering and making faces, she carried on calmly describing the torture she and her friend had endured.

As well as being hit, punched and stabbed, the two friends were made to strip naked, had boiling water thrown over them and were made to smoke heroin and crack cocaine. She remembered seeing Mary-Ann in a corner of the room being stabbed in the stomach, with the men surrounding her and laughing. Their tormentors then decided to move on to the final steps of their plan and the girls were driven to Prospect Park. They were ordered to kneel “side-by-side” and told to put pillow cases over their heads. She described how Mary-Ann was stabbed all over her body by 19-year-old Michael Johnson as she lay curled up in a ball. She said he flew into a rage because Mary-Ann would not sit up so that he could slit her throat. “They said something about wanting her to die slowly,” she explained. Preparing to die, Mary-Ann’s friend knew her last memory would be seeing her friend “butchered” in front of her. A gun was then put to her head, and she was asked “Are you ready to die?” before it was fired. (“Girl cheated death to convict killers”, BBC News, 20th March 2006)

Those were murders committed by non-whites in 21st-century Britain, but will you catch Ken Livingstone shedding a tear for the victims? Nope. It’s quite possible he wouldn’t even recognize the names of Kriss Donald and Mary-Ann Leneghan or be able to describe what happened to them. After all, the media dropped these cases down the memory hole as soon as they could. If whites had done the same to non-whites, the cases would now, of course, be permanent and oft-revisited exhibits in Hate Honky™, the Museum of White Malevolence. Ken Livingstone is one of the trustees and his explanation for white-on-ethnic crime is simple: it’s because whites are evil. His explanation for ethnic-on-white crime – far more frequent, far more vicious, far less reported – is also simple: it’s because whites are evil. Recall another phrase from the article: “the legacy that confronts blacks today.”

It’s the legacy of slavery. In other words, when whites behave badly, it’s whites’ fault. When blacks behave badly, it’s also whites’ fault. When blacks murder, torture, rape and rob whites today, no possible blame attaches to them. None whatsoever! Those poor blacks can’t help themselves: they’re puppets jerking helplessly on the strings of past white oppression. Blacks only misbehave because whites have corrupted their innate goodness, gentleness, and decency. That’s the liberal line anyway, but you can start to see how false it is simply by examining the etymology of the word “slave.” It has the same origin as the word “Slav”, because whites originally owned white slaves. All races have owned slaves, all races have been slaves, and countless whites could use past oppression as an excuse for present misbehavior. Race-traitors like Ken Livingstone and race-hustlers like Jesse Jackson don’t want their picture of white oppression and black misery complicated with the truth, but here’s what some whites endured in the nineteenth century:

An inquiry was held on Friday by Mr. Richards, deputy coroner, at the White Horse Tavern, Christ Church, Spitalfields, respecting the death of Michael Collins, aged 58 years. Mary Collins, a miserable-looking woman, said that she lived with the deceased and his son in a room at Christ Church. Deceased was a “translator” of boots. Witness went out and bought old boots; deceased and his son made them into good ones, and then witness sold them for what she could get at the shops, which was very little indeed. Deceased and his son used to work night and day to try and get a little bread and tea, and pay for the room (2S[hillings]. a week), so as to keep the home together. On Friday-night-week deceased got up from his bench and began to shiver. He threw down the boots, saying, “Somebody else must finish them when I am gone, for I can do no more.” There was no fire, and he said, “I would be better if I was warm.” Witness therefore took two pairs of translated boots to sell at the shop, but she could only get 14D[=pence]. for the two pairs, for the people at the shop said, “We must have our profit.” Witness got 14lb. of coal, and a little tea and bread. Her son sat up the whole night to make the “translations,” to get money, but deceased died on Saturday morning. The family never had enough to eat. Dr. G. P. Walker said deceased died from syncope [fainting], from exhaustion and from want of food. The deceased had had no bedclothes. For four months he had had nothing but bread to eat. There was not a particle of fat in the body. There was no disease, but, if there had been medical attendance, he might have survived the syncope or fainting. The Coroner having remarked upon the painful nature of the case, the jury returned the following verdict: “That deceased died from exhaustion from want of food and the common necessaries of life; also through want of medical aid.” (Sesame and Lilies, 1865)

That’s an extract from a book by John Ruskin. Unlike the Jewish Marx, the white Ruskin genuinely deplored the suffering of the poor and didn’t seek to exploit it for personal power. Marx was another crocodile whose remedies were designed to keep him in fresh meat, not to end oppression and deprivation. When Marxists rescue the oppressed, the oppressed end up worse off than before. But the Marxists don’t and that’s what matters. Ken Livingstone is an example of how this Jew-invented virus has mutated: when exploitation of the white working-class failed to deliver Britain and America into Marxist hands, they turned to non-whites, women and homosexuals instead. Mass immigration, feminism and “gay liberation” have been used to recruit foot-soldiers for the Marxist army, but again and again you’ll find that the captains and commissars are drawn from that tiny minority known as Jews.

Karl Marx An early edition of Marx’s Das Kapital

Das Krokodil und Das Kapital
The original Doc Croc: Karl Marx

After all, Jews are masters of manipulation and self-promotion, which is why I was distinctly unsurprised to see a Jewish website claim in 2004 that Bob Geldof is half-Jewish.* “Big Gob” Bob earnt moderate fame and riches from the music biz in the early 1980s, but by 1984 he was, in the words of his autobiography, “not a very successful pop singer” and had a “shrunken bank balance.” Then he saw a TV report about a famine in Marxist Ethiopia – and the rest is history. So is Geldof’s shrunken bank balance: he’s worth about £30 million ($60m) nowadays. You can’t put a price on the fame he also enjoys, but luckily enough you can hear how it all began: “It’s weird that right from the start of this thing there is an electronic record of most of what happened.” Not so weird if you suppose that Geldof, whether consciously or otherwise, was more interested in self-promotion than helping others. His autobiography, Is That It? (1986), is an excellent insight into the world of liberal narcissism, but Big Gob offers insights into other things, like exactly how much Western blacks care about their brothers and sisters in the Muddaland:

Black Voice, the black community newspaper mainly known for the excitable nature of its reporting and journalists, was calling Live Aid the racist event of the decade. The thing that bothered me was that these same people had never done a story on the famine, nor were they interested in doing anything to help those people. They were only interested in the very thing they were accusing others of [i.e., self-promotion].... Several of these concerned citizens complained to the GLC [Greater London Council], who were slightly embarrassed as they supported us, but also actively supported black rights. I had also just agreed to do something for their Equal Rights Campaign so it seemed odd for them to be calling me up and passing on a complaint of racism.

“Would you help if the black bands put on their own concert?” they asked.


I heard no more. (Op. cit., pg. 365-6)

The unveiling of Nelson Mandela’s statue in London on 29th August 2007

All hail the vibrant new South Africa!
Ken & Co. applaud Nelson Mandela’s statue

Guess who was running the GLC at the time: None other than Ken Livingslime. Two decades on, he and Big Gob Bob are still there encouraging naïve whites to sacrifice their future for non-whites who get less grateful with every gratuity. Livingslime has recently presided over the unveiling of a statue to Nelson Mandela in London. It celebrates the toppling of white-run South Africa and the birth of a brave new rainbow nation where that innate black goodness, gentleness, and decency can finally blossom and bring peace and prosperity to all:

South Africa reels at serious crime rise

Murders, carjackings and bank robberies increased in South Africa in 2006, underlining what many business people say is the greatest disincentive to investing in the post-apartheid state. It is the first time the murder rate has increased since the end of white rule in 1994, analysts said. The rate rose by 2.4% to 19,202, in the year to March 31, according to police statistics released on July 3. The number of bank robberies more than doubled and carjackings, one of the most chilling features of South Africa’s crime wave, increased by 6%.

The statistics were a setback to President Thabo Mbeki’s government, which announced in 2007 a huge increase in the anti-crime budget after accusations from political opponents that it was not tackling the problem. The police had set a target of a 7-10% annual decrease in serious crimes. Charles Nqakula, the safety and security minister, highlighted that there had been a drop in the number of rapes, burglaries and some types of assault. But he conceded that the figures were deeply sobering. “We are deeply concerned that crime continues to be rife and that the crime rate continues to be high,” he said. “The fact that instances of serious and violent crime are very high is disconcerting and unacceptable.”

For South Africa’s business leaders the increase in the murder rate is particularly troubling. They have long argued that it is high-profile killings, such as the murder of David Rattray, a well-known historian and tour guide, in January, that do most harm to the country’s reputation, potentially hitting investment. South Africa’s high rate of crime is widely acknowledged to be rooted in the injustices and inequalities of the apartheid era and also to be linked to the shortcomings of the police force. (The Financial Times, 4th July 2007)

Puppets, that’s what blacks are, jerking helplessly on the strings of past white oppression! Being just as intelligent as whites, they know that their criminal behavior makes it harder to overcome the traumas of that oppression, but they just can’t help themselves. White evil has the magical property not just of forcing blacks to act against their own best interests, but of becoming even more pernicious when whites are no longer actively exercising it. The more apartheid recedes into history, the worse its effects are becoming. That’s the liberal line anyway, but it’s another example of how they don’t really believe that we’re all the same under the skin. Anti-racism is based on the idea that whites have free will and are responsible for the crimes they commit, while non-whites don’t and aren’t. That makes non-whites the moral equivalent of animals, but their true role in the liberal universe may indeed be that of edgily exotic pets. Their savagery and ingratitude can only add to their appeal: are lions tame or leopards grateful?

And it’s not as though liberals have to live with their non-white pets. No, liberals are careful to live a long way from the wild-life reserves in British and American inner cities, and you can be sure that Kriss Donald and Mary-Ann Leneghan weren’t from rich liberal families. But South Africa shows that liberals aren’t immune from their own folly: many of the white South Africans who fought to rescue blacks have lived to regret it. Or have died regretting it. More regret is on its way. If anyone thinks South African blacks have really shown the world the full extent of their civilization-smashing powers, think again. They haven’t been “liberated” from white oppression as long as blacks in Zimbabwe, so this is what we can expect in South Africa sooner or later:

Zimbabwe, the land of dying children

Suffer the little children is a phrase never far from your mind in today’s Zimbabwe. The horde of painfully thin street children milling around you at traffic lights is almost the least of it: in a population now down to 11m or less there are an estimated 1.3m orphans. Go to one of the overflowing cemeteries in Bulawayo or Beit Bridge and you are struck by the long lines of tiny graves for babies and toddlers. A game ranger friend tells me that hyena attacks on humans, previously unheard of, have become increasingly common. “So many babies, not all of them dead, are being dumped in the bush that hyenas have developed a taste for human flesh,” he explains. A vast human cull is under way in Zimbabwe and the great majority of deaths are a direct result of deliberate government policies. Ignored by the United Nations, it is a genocide perhaps 10 times greater than Darfur’s and more than twice as large as Rwanda’s.

All round Harare people stand thumbing lifts, for the inflation rate of 1,050% means that a bus fare is now much the same as the average daily wage. I give lifts all the time. I meet not a single black person who is not mourning the loss of a relative or friend in the past month but, Harare being the capital, one also sees the luxurious Mercedes and SUVs of the ruling Zanu-PF elite and its business allies. World Health Organisation figures show that life expectancy, which was 62 in 1990, had by 2004 plummeted to 37 for men and 34 for women. These are by far the worst such figures in the world. Yet Zimbabwe does not even get onto the UN agenda: South Africa’s President Thabo Mbeki, who has covered for Mugabe from the beginning, uses his leverage to prevent discussion. (The Sunday Times, 7th January 2007)

Whenever you see or hear liberals weeping and wailing about non-white suffering, remember that liberals are responsible for what’s happening in Zimbabwe. That’s where their pious fantasies about universal brotherhood lead: to the slaughterhouse. And Jews above all others are responsible for creating and spreading those fantasies, from the Orthodox Chief Rabbi who collaborated with Jewish Marxists in South Africa to race-deniers like Stephen Jay Gould in America. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, they say. Well, many of those who fought to “liberate” Rhodesia and South Africa didn’t have good intentions, so I think we need a new motto: The road to hell is paved with goyish inattention. If whites won’t open their eyes and recognize what Jews, blacks and other non-whites are really like, hell is not only where we’ll end up, it’s where we’ll deserve to be.


*, 15th November 2004
Is That It?, Penguin Books, 1986, pg. 271-2
Ibid., pg. 274

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