Luke O’Farrell earlier today     21 NOVEMBER 2005

Axes of Evil

DNA, BS and the BBC

How right Rabbie Burns was! “The best-laid schemes of mice and men gang oft agley.” Earlier in 2005 a black teenager was murdered by Whites in Liverpool with an axe. The big drums of the media jungle, which stay resolutely silent when Whites are murdered by non-whites, came to thunderous life, beating out their simple message of WHITEY IS EVIL... WHITEY IS EVIL... WHITEY IS EVIL... They had to fall silent in the end, but a few months later the carefully prepared show-trial was ready and they could start beating again: WHITEY IS EVIL... WHITEY IS EVIL... WHIT–

And then guess what? Criminals in Bradford went and spoiled it all by shooting one White policewoman to death and seriously wounding another, thereby driving the show-trial out of the news. With armed and highly dangerous men loose in one of Britain’s most vibrant centers of multi-cultural diversity, the police and media obviously fulfilled their duty to the public and rushed to issue the fullest possible descriptions of those they were searching for. Didn’t they? Well, on the BBC you got these exhaustive details:

Up to three men ran out of the shop and fired several shots as they fled. (18th November 2005)

So the alarmed citizens of Bradford had to be on their guard against “up to three men.” Was that the best description eyewitnesses could supply to the police? Let’s turn to one of the other pillars of Britain’s liberal media for the answer:

Last night a manhunt was under way for the gunmen. Detective Andy Brennan of West Yorkshire police said that “up to three men” had run from the premises of Universal Express travel agency, on Morley Street, in the city centre, during the incident. Mr Brennan called for information from the public, but would not give descriptions of the suspects. He said: “We have bits of descriptions and we don’t think it would be helpful to give them out.” (The Guardian, 18th November 2005)

So armed criminals have just murdered a policewoman in broad daylight, but the policewoman’s own colleagues don’t think it would be “helpful” to release any description beyond the fact that “up to three men” were involved.

If you smell a rat – a big, fat and very black rat – you’re not the only one. Nobody familiar with the West’s traitorous Jew-controlled police and media will need to be told the significance of this refusal to give the full facts. When a horrendous crime is committed and the media suddenly come over all coy and quiet about the race of the perpetrators, there’s only one conclusion to draw: those responsible were not White. Sure enough, what should have been reported from the very beginning eventually came out: The gunmen in Bradford consisted of either three blacks or two blacks and a Pakistani.

WHITEY IS EVIL... WHITEY IS EVIL... WHITEY IS EVIL...” doesn’t sound so convincing after that, does it? But that wrecked show-trial wasn’t the only media scheme that ganged agley in November 2005. When four Muslims murdered dozens of people in London with suicide-bombs, the media rushed to conceal the fact that most of the dead and wounded were White. They carefully chose to promote the non-whites who were caught up in the bombing. One of them was a black Jamaican called Garri Holness. His brave struggle to rebuild his life after he lost part of his left leg filled many hours of TV and many columns of newsprint. The Jew-loving British prime minister, Tony “Bliar” Blair, and the Jewish leader of the opposition, Michael “Dracula” Howard (né Hecht), congratulated him on his courage, the BBC paid him “time and expenses” for regular appearances on breakfast TV, and he met the Queen at the memorial service for the victims.

Garri Holness campaigns for more compensation money outside 10 Downing Street

But then, alas, the carefully orchestrated propaganda campaign fell apart when its black hero was revealed to be a convicted rapist:

As a musician performing under the stage name Gary “Star” Linton in the 1980s Holness joined five other Blacks in dragging two White girls leaving a concert off the streets of Brixton, South London’s Black slum. The terrified friends, only 16, were hauled into an empty garage in a welfare housing estate. “Brave” Garri joined his pals in ripping off the girl’s clothing and then savagely gang-raping them for an hour and a half while one Black held a knife to a victim’s throat. Police estimated that the pair were raped a total of 45 times, in fear for their lives, in the harrowing ordeal. (National Vanguard, 18th November 2005)

For shock-value, “Black rapes White girls” is up there with “Asian rigs election” and “Jew commits fraud.” Huge amounts of crime are committed by non-whites in Britain and other White nations, but anyone who draws the obvious conclusion that we’d be infinitely better off without non-whites is attacked as a hate criminal. They may rape, murder, cheat, and exploit us – but hey, non-whites create “diversity”, and that makes everything alright.

That’s how the media BS goes but fortunately more and more Whites are starting to see through it. Even when they aren’t committing crime, non-whites weaken and harm White nations in many other ways. Mentally handicapped children are horrendously expensive for Britain’s tax-funded National Health Service and it’s been known for years that the Muslim custom of marriage between first cousins is absolutely guaranteed to produce more and more of them. But rather than condemn the suffering of the children and the completely unnecessary drain on Britain’s White taxpayers, the media kept quiet. In 2003 an authoritative report was issued by medical researchers proving that serious genetic disorders were much more common among Britain’s Muslims. All the same, the report reeked of political correctness and racial cowardice:

The problem that faces clinicians is how to deliver genetic services without stigmatizing British Pakistanis on the basis of their marriage pattern. Very little is known about the social impact of genetic risk information on reproductive decision making and processes of marriage arrangement. With funding from a Wellcome Trust Biomedical Ethics grant, Dr Shaw, a social anthropologist at Brunel University, and Dr Hurst, a consultant clinical geneticist at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford, aim to find out. (Wellcome Trust, 25th November 2003)

So even if Muslims were marrying first cousins in full knowledge of the inevitable consequences in their own children’s suffering and expense to White tax-payers, they weren’t to be “stigmatized.” Not only that, White tax-payers had to pay more money out for two more liberal boneheads to find out how they might react to being advised – with the utmost “sensitivity”, no doubt – to end their depraved and disgusting “arrangement.”

Despite its weaseling and dishonesty, the mainstream media ignored the report and first-cousin marriages continued as they had for decades. In 2004 the doctor Theodore Dalrymple – possibly Jewish, but a good guide to Muslim barbarism in Britain nonetheless – described a young Muslim patient of his who was forced into marrying one of her cousins at the age of sixteen:

She had two children in quick succession, both of whom were so severely handicapped that they would be bedridden for the rest of their short lives and would require nursing 24 hours a day. (For fear of giving offense, the press almost never alludes to the extremely high rate of genetic illnesses among the offspring of consanguineous marriages.) (“When Islam Breaks Down”, City Journal, Spring 2004)

He was ignored too, and it wasn’t until late in 2005, after many more similar births and many more wasted millions, that the mainstream media finally got around to investigating the story:

The Labour MP Ann Cryer has called for British Pakistanis to stop marrying their first cousins after a study suggested that they were more likely to have children with recessive disorders than the general population. An investigation by BBC Newsnight claims that British Pakistanis account for 30% of all British children with recessive disorders, which include cystic fibrosis. Dr Peter Corry, a consultant paediatrician at Bradford royal infirmary, says his hospital sees a disproportionately high rate of recessive genetic illnesses. Birmingham primary care trust estimates that one in 10 of all children born to first-cousin marriages in the city’s Pakistani community either dies in infancy or goes on to suffer serious disability as a result of recessive genetic disorders. (The Guardian, 16th November 2005)

The Labour MP had to deny that she was being “racist”, of course, and The Guardian seized eagerly on the Wellcome Trust’s report to weasel its way out of the full horror of the story:

A report on the impact of genetic risk on Britain’s Pakistani families, published by the Wellcome Trust in 2003, found that infant mortality and childhood morbidity rates were higher among British Pakistanis than other ethnic groups but that marrying relatives did not always result in the birth of children with recessive disorders. (The Guardian, 16th November 2005)

Yes. Marrying relatives does not always result in the birth of children with recessive disorders.

And playing Russian roulette “does not always result in” people blowing their heads off. So would The Guardian try and defend Russian roulette because it wasn’t always fatal? Of course not. The truth is that marriage between first cousins is depraved and disgusting. It causes immense suffering to children and huge expense to the country, and if some White Christian group were practising it the BBC and the rest of the media would be shrieking with outrage, condemning their barbarous superstition and selfishness, and calling for it to be prevented by the full force of law.

But when dark-skinned Muslims – and I don’t believe it’s a problem just among Pakistanis – practise it in full knowledge of the consequences, the media keep quiet for years and then quickly drop the story down the memory-hole. The government will do nothing about this very serious problem and Muslims will simply carry on with their vibrant “culture”, causing more and more suffering to their own children and more and more expense to Britain’s Whites.

Genetic disorders are caused by faulty DNA, but in truth all of Britain’s racial problems are caused by DNA too. Even normal black DNA produces rapists and murderers at a much higher rate than White DNA, just as even normal Asian and Jewish DNA produces fraudsters and conmen at a much higher rate. Blacks, Asians, and Jews have a much stronger sense of “in-group” and “out-group”, and they will continue to exploit and prey on the out-group – Whites – until we recognize the truth and send them back where they came from. The BS of the BBC and the rest of the liberal media about DNA can’t conceal that truth for ever. Race exists, race matters, and race-mixing will destroy White nations unless it’s stopped very soon.


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