Luke O’Farrell earlier today     25th February 2007

The Apes of Wrath

All Aboard the Slavey-Train!

Déjà ’boo. It’s the feeling you get when you hear about the latest horrific crime by members of the vibrant jigaboo community. Or when you hear about a horrific crime and the race of the suspects is concealed. After all, it’s a safe bet that blacks or other ethnics will be responsible anyway and concealment of race makes that practically certain. I felt déjà ’boo when I heard in 2000 that a ten-year-old called Damilola Taylor had been stabbed to death in London. I was unenlightened about the Chosen Ones back then, but I was fast losing my illusions about blacks and learning to recognize the rabidly pro-ethnic, anti-white bias of the mass media. Horrific crime? No mention of race? It’ll be blacks, I thought.

The black murderers of Damilola Taylor

The black killers of Damilola Taylor

I was right: it was blacks. Watching the huge attention then given to the crime was another important stage in my political education. The police were very anxious to demonstrate their deep commitment to racial equality and did it in the usual liberal way: by elevating blacks far above whites. If Damilola Taylor had been white, his murder would have been given no special priority. But he was black and therefore highly precious, so the police spent millions of pounds and countless man-hours chasing his killers, bungled two court-cases in their eagerness to convict, and finally got their ape-men in a blaze of publicity in 2006. Meanwhile Peckham, the quaint-sounding district of London in which Damilola Taylor died, was being flooded with more millions of pounds in a noble liberal attempt to reverse decades of poverty, neglect, indifference, etc, etc.

The result is that crime in Peckham and neighboring areas is now worse than ever. Even liberals who hear about the recent horrific murders there will be feeling a strong sense of déjà ’boo. And did I say Peckham sounded “quaint”? Thanks to ethnic enrichment, that’s no longer true. Now names like that have a feral, jungle-like resonance:

“Getting hold of gun round here is as easy as going into a McDonald’s and getting a McChicken sandwich,” a 16-year-old on the [Fenwick] estate told the Guardian yesterday. “If I had the money I could make a phone call and get a gun now... It wouldn’t cost as much as £150 [$280], you could ask anyone to borrow a gun... he would let you.” The Clap Town Kids, centred around the Fenwick estate, are part of a web that crisscrosses south London, including the PDC [Poverty-Driven Children] in Brixton, Ghetto in Lewisham, and the Blood Set in Streatham.

Mercedes, 19, who grew up around the Ghetto gang in New Cross, Lewisham, said it was easy for teenagers to be drawn towards gangs. “I tried everything I could think of to get in[to the Ghetto gang],” she said. “I would attack people in the street if I thought the ‘olders’ [senior gang members] were watching, or rob people, or try and go with the guys. At that time you earn your reputation; and if someone does something to disrespect you, then you have to act or not – it’s that pathetic. But when you are in it, it’s real.”

She said most of the gangs were made up of teenagers, but older men, who had often been in prison, were still pulling the strings. A 16-year-old, who left the Clapham gang after his friend was killed, agreed, saying older gang leaders were role models. “They are the nicest people and the most dangerous,” he told the Guardian. “They control everything, they can tell you to sell this, or kill that person.” (The Guardian, 17th February 2007)

So that’s the black response to the liberal response to the murder of “little Damilola” (as the media liked to call him). How have liberals responded to the black response to their response? By deciding to give them more of the money and attention that haven’t worked in the past and won’t work in future. Savagery is natural for blacks: in the environment of Africa they evolved for short, violent, fast-breeding lives. That evolved behavior can be suppressed when whites are firmly in charge, but if blacks escape white control it will soon re-emerge and destroy any chance of civilization. Prosperous white-run Rhodesia, once the breadbasket of Africa, is now starving black-run Zimbabwe, the basket-case of Africa. But an even bigger disaster is being prepared across the border in South Africa, which, just like Rhodesia, was handed over to blacks for destruction by white liberals infected with the viruses of anti-racism and racial egalitarianism.

Racism, on the other hand, is like an immune system: it protects a society against the harm done by aliens. A racist like me, for example, would be instantly skeptical about a “forensic expert” with a black face. Countless liberals, on the other hand, would be instantly eager to employ one. They’d then piously suppress any doubts about his competence and give him plenty of time to reward their trust:

Five years’ jail for compulsive liar who posed as forensic expert

Gene Morrison, black ‘forensic expert’

A conman who built his career posing as a forensic expert to dupe victims out of thousands of pounds was jailed for five years yesterday, as police began the task of re-investigating 700 cases in which he was involved. Gene Morrison, 48, bluffed and lied his way through hundreds of trials, for almost three decades, fooling judges, barristers, solicitors and their clients into believing he was qualified. He left school with no qualifications but gave evidence in cases involving armed robbery, rape, death by dangerous driving, unexplained death, drugs offences and questioned paternity. His methods, relying heavily on using bone fide experts and then charging clients double, were unorthodox and unprofessional. He had told one grieving couple that the unexplained death of their son was suicide and charged them £16,500 [$31,000] for work they had never commissioned.

Yesterday, the trial judge described Morrison as an “inveterate and compulsive liar” whose activities struck at the heart of the legal process. Sentencing him, Judge Jeffrey Lewis said: “You yourself had no expertise worth speaking of. Your business was built on a whole series of lies. You did not care about the truth, you were wholly dishonest, you did not care of the consequences of your actions to the administration of justice.” The police based their evidence against him on nine of the most serious cases where he posed as a forensic investigator and are having to reassess 700 cases. (The Guardian, 23rd February 2007)

How many millions will that cost? But this case is just one tiny example of how “liberal ideas about race”, or LIARs, are helping to destroy white nations. I doubt that this particular black crook was very good as a conman, but he wouldn’t have to be: liberals were undoubtedly falling over themselves to give him work simply because he was black. Anything less would have been “racist.” In 2000, when I heard about the murder of Damilola Taylor, I was starting to recognize the deadliness of LIARs, but it was a long time before I saw who had done most to manufacture them and inject them into the bloodstream of white societies. Nowadays I can see that they come clearly labeled “Made in Israel”:

Cyril Harris was Chief Rabbi of the South African Jewish community from 1987 until his retirement at the end of last year. That period covered the most crucial decade in the modern history of South Africa, with the unexpectedly smooth transition from white minority to black majority rule. Through his unwavering leadership and deep personal relationship with Nelson Mandela, Harris put the country’s white Jewish community, never more than 100,000 strong, in step with the black majority at this crucial point. Aided by his wife, Ann, a practising solicitor with highly developed political antennae, [he] rapidly made contact with such white liberals as Helen Suzman [in fact Jewish]. More significantly, he was the first Jewish religious leader to meet regularly with the leading Jewish members of the African National Congress, such as Joe Slovo and Ronnie Kasrils. They were for the most part Marxist and had long ceased to be practising Jews, but Harris did not allow this to put him off. (The Times, London, 19th September 2005)

Of course it didn’t put him off: there was a common enemy to undermine and destroy. But if I can now see how pernicious Jewish influence has been in white nations, I can also see that whites are peculiarly susceptible to insane beliefs about racial equality and universal brotherhood. Britain is preparing itself right now for an orgy of insanity, because the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade is just around the corner. Here’s some of the self-flagellation white liberals are looking forward to:

Archbishops to go on slavery “guilt march”

THE Archbishops of Canterbury and York are to lead thousands of “pilgrims” carrying a giant cross through London to repent for the Church of England’s complicity in the slave trade. Moments of quiet reflection will punctuate the procession as African drummers beat a sombre lament. The march will culminate in a symbolic “release from the past”, possibly in the form of a replica slave auction notice being torn up or shackles being removed from the cross. The “walk of witness” on March 24 coincides with the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade. It is the latest stage in the church’s repentance since February last year, when the General Synod voted to apologise for its involvement in slavery. Displays of remorse have been spearheaded by politicians. Just two months ago Tony Blair expressed his “deep sorrow” for Britain’s role in the transatlantic slave trade, although he stopped short of a full apology.

Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, who grew up in Uganda and has described how his forebears were among those enslaved, hope the event will signal the “beginning of a healing process.” This weekend one of the march’s organisers denied the church was indulging in “hand-wringing” and compared the slave trade to the Holocaust. “We are still living with the legacy of slavery,” said Rose Hudson-Wilkin, chairwoman of the church’s Committee for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns. “Black people are saying, ‘Hey, we had our own Holocaust, too. We had millions killed and we want this acknowledged.’” Critics, however, believe that laying all the blame for slavery on Europeans is misleading. Arabs traded slaves from a much earlier date, while African kings and merchants were responsible for capturing their kinsmen and selling them to traders in exchange for goods and firearms. (The Sunday Times, 14th January 2007)

John Sentamu, jigaboo ‘archbishop’ of York Rowan Williams, liberal archbishop of Canterbury

A deluded white liberal helps blacks to destroy his nation:
L-R: “Archbishop” John Sentamu, Archbishop Rowan Williams

Members of all races have been slaves at one time or another and blacks happily enslaved each other long before wicked Whitey came along to corrupt them. They’re still enslaving each other today, but facts will not be allowed to obscure the anniversary’s simple message for whites: “You are evil, evil, evil! Get down on your knees and beg forgiveness from the saintly non-whites you have oppressed for so long!”

For non-whites the message will be: “All aboard the Slavey-Train!” They will be urged once again to fight the deadly plague of White Racism, which explains all non-white failure and which must be eradicated before we can enjoy the multi-racial Paradise promised us by Jewish prophets like Karl Marx, Franz Boas and Stephen Jay Gould. But this incessant pro-ethnic, anti-white propaganda isn’t just full of blatant lies and misrepresentations: it has a deadly effect on the way non-whites behave towards whites. Look at the name of one of those vibrant black gangs in London: the PDC or the Poverty-Driven Children. Irony is not a black specialty and the gang-members no doubt feel that their savagery is indeed justified by their “poverty.” And why are they poor? White racism, of course! If white racism makes you poor and poverty makes you savage, blacks in both Britain and the United States draw the same conclusion. Whitey should be paid back with some of the savagery he’s directly responsible for!

Marshal: Man shot, burned; woman raped

Investigators believe Channon Christian was held hostage and raped repeatedly for several days before being killed, a federal marshal said today. The news came on the same day that authorities captured three men sought for questioning in her death and that of her boyfriend, Christopher Newsom. Authorities believe she and Newsom were abducted after a weekend carjacking in North Knoxville that ultimately led to both their deaths, said Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Rich Knighten of the Western District of Kentucky. “They did some really nasty things to this lady,” Knighten said.

Newsom was shot and his body burned, Knighten said. He said he didn’t know how Christian died. Newsom, of Halls, and Christian, of West Knox County, had been dating since November. They told their parents they planned to join friends in an apartment off Washington Pike on Saturday night to watch movies. At 12:24 p.m. Sunday, a railroad employee on a passing train alerted police about a body along Norfolk Southern tracks between Ninth Avenue and Cherry Street. It was Newsom’s body. At 2 p.m. Tuesday, police armed with a search warrant entered a nearby rental home at 2316 Chipman St. and found Christian’s body. Her 2005 Toyota 4-Runner had been found Monday abandoned two blocks away at the intersection of Chipman Street and Glider Avenue. (Knoxville News, 11th January 2007)

Black suspects in the murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Christopher Newsom Channon Christian

“Move along! Move along! Nothing to see here!”
Above: Black suspects; Below: White victims

As you’d expect, the American media have given this case as little attention as possible. Like countless other acts of non-white savagery down the decades, it just doesn’t fit the Jew-written script of non-whites as pure and holy innocents groaning under white oppression. If reality doesn’t fit the script, too bad for reality. It must be suppressed and anyone who dissents must be silenced. That process has gone further in Britain and Europe than in the United States, but the First Amendment is firmly in the sights of American Jews and their liberal allies. If American whites want a glimpse of their future, here’s an exchange on the blog of Britain’s biggest liberal newspaper:

ChorniyBoy February 17, 2007 8:00 AM

“Rivers of Blood”*, anyone? Remember that? Fact is, most black people are not suitable for living in an advanced European society. They have little restraint over their basic instincts, and do not share our desire to create a society that is fit to live in – hence their desire for “the quick buck” rather than building a career, a proper family even. And how come more than 30% of our prisoners are black? Because of the above, clearly.

And please don’t whinge on [complain] about poverty – ever heard of the welfare state? Most of them are on benefit – statistics show that. It’s greed and malice that drive these uncivilised savages to crime. It’s time we realised that, and made the necessary moves to rid our society of corrosive niggers!

Bitethehand February 17, 2007 8:50 AM

Would the moderator please remove ChorniyBoy’s post and forward it and his email address to the police. (The Guardian website)

[*”Rivers of Blood” is the popular title of Enoch Powell’s speech in 1968 prophesying the disasters that would be caused by mass immigration.]

ChorniyBoy’s post (after surviving much longer than I expected) has now been removed and perhaps it and his email address have indeed been forwarded to the police. That’s one of the distinguishing marks of liberals in the corrupt modern sense: on the one hand, they mock and condemn religious bigotry and superstition; on the other, they don’t hesitate to employ all the old religious tactics in defense of their own superstitions. They don’t argue about the truth: they impose it and then suppress dissent by force. When modern liberals get worked up about freedom of speech, they almost always mean freedom to talk about sex or religion, not about race. That’s certainly why Britain’s second-biggest liberal newspaper, The Independent, had a long list of quotes about free speech on 22nd February. Do you think the paper would support the Heretical Hezbollah in our attempt to speak freely about the disasters caused by mass immigration and by the Jewish control of Western politics, media and business? But one of those quotes applies to us perfectly:

All censorships exist to prevent anyone from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently, the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships. (George Bernard Shaw, 1919)

White nations are being destroyed by “current conceptions” about race and by “existing institutions” devoted to the promotion of non-whites over whites. That’s why censorship about race is so strong throughout the West. The Internet has partly removed that censorship, so now the censors want to control that too. If they succeed, all hope of progress will be lost and white nations will follow Zimbabwe and South Africa into the abyss. More whites have to experience not just déjà ’boo but déjà jew. That’s the entirely correct feeling that whenever traitorous politicians, businessmen and journalists do something harmful to our interests, Jewish power is at work once again, as it has been so many times in so many places for so many years.


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