Luke O’Farrell earlier today     1st JULY 2005

Red, White and Jew

How Jews Have Used a Fifth Column to Attack White Society

Mass immigration. I started thinking about it the other day when I was reading John Wyndham’s novel The Midwich Cuckoos (1957). It’s about an English village in which women are impregnated by a mysterious alien race. Someone starts to wonder about the aliens’ motives:

“If you were wishful to challenge the supremacy of a society that was fairly stable, and quite well weaponed, what would you do? Would you meet it on its own terms by launching a probably costly, and certainly destructive, assault? Or, if time were no great importance, would you prefer to employ a version of a more subtle tactic? Would you, in fact, try somehow to introduce a fifth column, to attack it from within?”

In the 1950s, when The Midwich Cuckoos was first published, White societies were very stable and very well-weaponed, and a direct assault on them would certainly have been costly. So the alien race that wanted to challenge their supremacy didn’t launch a direct assault. Instead, just as that John Wyndham character suggested, they introduced a fifth column to attack it from within.

Who was the alien race? Jews, of course. And what was their fifth column? It was non-whites. In America, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) was not only founded and funded by Jews but actually run by them for many years. However, there were few blacks in Europe and not enough of them even in America. That’s why Jews opened the flood-gates of mass immigration in the 1960s. The result was completely predictable: conflict between the natives and the new arrivals. And Jews thrived on that conflict. In Britain, it allowed them to start taking away our freedom by introducing laws against “incitement to racial hatred.” It also allowed them to start recruiting allies, because whenever immigrants had problems the Jews were there with a ready-made explanation: Blame white racism!

Here’s one example of how that Jew-forged lie has been used by non-whites in Britain. In 1998, someone called Kamlesh Bahl was appointed Deputy Vice President of the Law Society, the first step to becoming its President. Liberals wet themselves with excitement and self-congratulation, because with Kamlesh you got three in one: she was female, Hindu and Asian. What a wonderful way of celebrating the richness of Britain’s multi-ethnic and multi-cultural diversity! Unfortunately, that celebration didn’t last long, because Kamlesh was sacked in 1999. Why? Well, according to the Law Society, it was because she was a power-crazed bully who terrorized and humiliated her White staff. According to Kamlesh and her supporters, it was because of – wait for it – White racism.

The ensuing court cases and enquiries – at one of which Kamlesh lied under oath – have cost millions of pounds, and Kamlesh is still insisting that she was the victim of a vile racist injustice. I don’t agree, but you don’t have to take the word of a rabid neo-Nazi bigot like me. The Asian journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, another of the Jews’ hard-working fifth-columnists, took time off bashing Whitey to report that Kamlesh had bullied blacks just as badly when she was head of the Equal Opportunities Commission. Not much sisterly or racial solidarity there, but then Yasmin is a Muslim, and another good thing about mass immigration – from the Jewish point of view – is that it doesn’t just start conflicts, it imports them too. Hindu vs Muslim, Muslim vs Sikh, Sikh vs Hindu et cetera ad infinitum.

Still, Kamlesh does have one prominent Muslim supporter: the lawyer Imran Khan. He oversaw a failed private prosecution of the youths accused of murdering Stephen Lawrence. We’re still being regularly reminded about that case, because Stephen Lawrence was a black allegedly stabbed to death by Whites. But Imran Khan was also involved in the Richard Everitt case, and we’re not being reminded about that. Why not? Because Richard Everitt was a White stabbed to death by Asians. Khan defended the youths accused of his murder, but when he isn’t prosecuting Whites or defending non-whites, he’s busy as one of Britain’s leading Reds. After watching him exploit the Lawrence and Bahl cases, the former President of the Law Society Martin Mears made this comment:

The Bahl resolutions and the Lawrence private prosecution form a pattern: in each case a course of conduct plainly misconceived and predictably doomed to failure; in each case actions whose sole practical effect is a further stirring of the pot of racial grievance, animosity and discord.

Khan’s not-so-secret agenda is revolution: he’s a member of the Trotskyist Socialist Alliance, applying the theories of the Jew Leon Trotsky to the practice of undermining and destroying White society. The funny thing is that Kamlesh Bahl – on whose behalf Khan called the Law Society “stale, pale and male” – is a true blue Conservative, at the opposite end of the political spectrum to Khan. She’s obviously exploiting him for her own ends, and he’s obviously exploiting her for his, but what neither of them realizes is that they’re both being exploited by someone else: the Jews. Kamlesh Bahl and Imran Khan are just two examples of how non-white immigrants have done the Jews’ dirty work for them, attacking White society from within and helping, slowly but surely, to destroy Whites’ control of their own nations and destiny.


A pro-Kamlesh website is still online, but an anti-Kamlesh site disappeared long ago. Thanks to the Internet Archive, though, you still read it here:

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